HighOnAndroid ROM v0.3 for T-Mobile Galaxy S3! [App2SD Hack Enabled][Custom Boot Animation][MOAAARRR]

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Here’s HighOnAndroid ROM version 0.3 for your T-Mobile Galaxy S3!

The new version comes with App2SD hack enabled (you will need a FAT32 formatted SD card for this), custom boot animations, extended power menu, and 15 toggles.

The App2SD isn’t the standard App2SD, it’s a hack that “fools” your operating system into thinking the microSD card is the internal storage and vice versa. You can also disable this by either deleting the file in /system/etc/init.d OR you can also leave your microSD card on boot then re-insert once it’s booted completely for normal operation.

I have to tell you though there is some battery issues with the ROM, I am trying to figure that out, it should be fixed in the next version. If you don’t mind that and you carry extra batteries, go ahead and give it a try. Since I am working on limited time (it’s hard to do what I do, I work all day), it’s not perfect but at least you can get a glimpse of what’s coming up in the new versions.

And yes, I am working on v0.3 for all other Galaxy S3s, they will all have App2SD support eventually.

Let me know what you think!


Download HighOnAndroid ROM v0.3 for T-Mobile Galaxy S3 T999
Battery fixed Kernel!
Credits – XDA


Please flash the ROM then the battery fix kernel after.

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