HighOnAndroid ROM v0.3 for T-Mobile Galaxy S3! [App2SD Hack Enabled][Custom Boot Animation][MOAAARRR]

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Here’s HighOnAndroid ROM version 0.3 for your T-Mobile Galaxy S3!

The new version comes with App2SD hack enabled (you will need a FAT32 formatted SD card for this), custom boot animations, extended power menu, and 15 toggles.

The App2SD isn’t the standard App2SD, it’s a hack that “fools” your operating system into thinking the microSD card is the internal storage and vice versa. You can also disable this by either deleting the file in /system/etc/init.d OR you can also leave your microSD card on boot then re-insert once it’s booted completely for normal operation.

I have to tell you though there is some battery issues with the ROM, I am trying to figure that out, it should be fixed in the next version. If you don’t mind that and you carry extra batteries, go ahead and give it a try. Since I am working on limited time (it’s hard to do what I do, I work all day), it’s not perfect but at least you can get a glimpse of what’s coming up in the new versions.

And yes, I am working on v0.3 for all other Galaxy S3s, they will all have App2SD support eventually.

Let me know what you think!


Download HighOnAndroid ROM v0.3 for T-Mobile Galaxy S3 T999
Battery fixed Kernel!
Credits – XDA


Please flash the ROM then the battery fix kernel after.

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66 Responses

  1. Jev says:

    So glad to see a t-mobile version! Can we install this over the v0.1?

  2. JP says:

    Hey I love the Rom but it seems to get hotter faster then the other release.

  3. Mustafa says:

    everythings working fine for me but, when i go into the settings and about device under build number it still says highonandroidrom_v0.1 not the highonandroidrom_v0.3. idk if thats suppose to be like that or not but just figured id ask why

  4. Sal says:

    so far so great… i just gotta keep charging it like 2x a day.

  5. Brandon says:

    Hey the ROM just looks better and better. I love the App2SD trick, Some version down the road, would you mind taking it one step further and making it a toggle? Getting high on android lol

  6. Danny says:

    Quite good but it’s eating my battery even with an under clock at 1Ghz… Have to uninstall it…

  7. Sal says:

    is there a way to use the app2sd glitch with other roms?

    • Max says:

      Yes, you can with a Kernel that support Init.d, try HighOnAndroid Kernel here: http://galaxys3root.com/highonandroid-kernel/

      • jeff says:

        Hello Max,
        I wanted to try Darth Stalker. I think it has init d but when I run the kernel for the app2sd hack it only shows my internal card as both the card and my 32GB SD card. What am I doing wrong?

  8. Sal says:

    sorry didn’t see previous thead.

  9. Roman says:

    Does this ROM come with a USB Mass Storage option, or do I have to use MTP like stock?

  10. chris says:

    I have tried to get this to install through rom manager, but i get a E: signature verification failed on my galaxy s3 by T-Mobile. ????? and i am new to this. Thx in advance

  11. Kirk says:

    Just flashed this and keep getting “unfortunately the process android.process.acore has stopped” keeps constantly popping up.

    • Max says:

      if u are coming from newerr stock software u need to do a factory reset before installing sorry if i didnt mention this but on next version which is running on mine already, will have the newerr software.

  12. TLuu says:

    hey max i received a ota update for my t-mobile s3 today as of 10pm eastern time 8/29/12 but I’m nut sure why i can update. it keeps failing. I am only rooted and running stock firmware. Can you tell me if this is the official jellybean update if so can you upload it some where so i can flash…..?

  13. Neftali says:

    Its not the jelly bean update. The update is to correct some bugs and some minor ui changes. You will still be on 4.0.4

  14. Jay says:

    I can not turn on WiFi since after flashing Kernel! HighOnAndroidKernel_T999UVALEM_v1.zip. I have also tried HighOnAndroidKernel_T999UVALH2_v1.zip. Same issue. Can you help?

    Thanks in advance.

  15. Jay says:

    4.0.1 and I have wicked

    • Max says:

      might not be compatible, that is probably why, the kernels I’ve posted are for UVALEM or UVALH2 only. I forget which software version Wicked has but probably not one of those I am guessing.

  16. Me says:

    Do you plan on not using touch-wiz in the future updates? I really enjoyed the cool look of touch-wiz…

    • Max says:

      No I am going to keep using TouchWiz, you can always launchers like Apex launcher from Play Store if you don’t like it.

      • Me says:

        The reason I asked is because you changed the toggles from green to blue. The way it was stocked looks much better. It’s your creation so I’ll support it, but I think you should keep the original toggles the same. Thanks for the great work, as always.

  17. Kid A says:

    Any thoughts why the mirror download speed is waaaaaay slow?? no kidding is gettin the file at 22k =\ …

  18. ralphie p says:

    hey max quick question i used ur tutorial to root the phone and then used another one to install the update from t mobile, but as soon as i did that and when i went to super su it didnt find a root, my question is will i need to re root the phone with the first tutorial. kinda lost

  19. Andreas says:

    Hi Max! After installing this ROM. There are some app I can’t install (ex. SwiftKey). The download is successful but when itäs going to install I got this message “couldnt install on usb-storage or sd card”. I’ve googled it. And it seams that i supouse to find a file named “smdl2tmp1.asec” and delete it. I’ve looked around in my phone on the computer and some file manager-apps. But cannot find the file. You don’t have any solution?

  20. Jon says:

    Not sure if this helps but I’ve found some things a bit buggy. I’m running Tmobile S3 with your v0.3 HighOnAndroid ROM

    Google Now seems to be conflicting with the original Google Voice Search on the stock ROM. When running Google Now’s version of Voice search it sometimes shows up as if opening Google Now without the immediate voice search (where it displays the cards), However I hear the ring tone that prompts for me to say something to it. I believe it’s conflicting with original Google Voice Search. Perhaps if the original voice search was removed it wouldn’t conflict?

    Another thing is the double-tap physical home button. Brings up Voice Dialer WITH S Voice double-tap enabled. WIth S Voice double-tap disabled, it doesn’t do anything. Either way, there’s no way to customize this? I’d like for Google Now Voice Search to come up when double-tapped home button.

    I know you’re working on Google Wallet, and App2SD toggle function. Which is a definite PLUS.
    Some things I’d like to recommend happen for newer versions of HighOnAndroid (if you’d consider it):
    Add Driving Mode and Power Save to the notification status bar along with the 15 other toggle functions.
    Remove the S Memo (takes a lot of space) both internal and on SD
    Remove all Samsung apps while you’re at it =]
    Remove All Tmobile Apps
    Get rid of Flipboard
    Get rid of Google Play Books, Movies&TV, Music, Talk, Youtube (these could be download from Play store if desired, but I’d like the option of not having it on the ROM to begin with)

    Other than that, I thanks for making this ROM. It’s pretty awesome as it is. I’ve tested CM10 and AOKP JB1, CM9, and other ROMs. I must say this is the best so far. Closest to stock (less bugs) and has G Now with Jelly bean animations, but contains many functions from the TouchWiz UI that are pretty fun to have.

  21. jeff hansen says:

    tried version 0.3 and battery does in fact run down like nobodys business. No way I can do all I do on this with the battery consumption like this. Love the rom. However, since I loaded it , its tending to freeze up now when I unlock it.

    • Jon says:

      Did you do a clean wipe?
      And did you install the new battery Kernel? It’s kind of hidden (above) between the advertisement links called “Battery Fixed Kernel”.

  22. Jon says:

    Having trouble deleting the init.d I’ve tried using IO manager and Astro manager, it wouldn’t let me delete the folder or the contents in the init.d folder.
    How do I get rid of it? Everytime I reboot, it auto-applies the App2SD hack and switches to use my external SD as the main. I don’t want to have to keep pulling my ext SD out everytime I reboot.

  23. Jonesy23 says:

    When do you think the battery drain issue will no longer be an issue? I love the rom but it’s useless as a daily driver when a 30 min call drains 40% of the battery.

    • Max says:

      Did you install the kernel also which fixes the issue?

  24. Mustafa says:

    I just had a question I just have a question. Are there any new roms coming soon

  25. Joe says:

    Max, why aren’t there any new Tmobile S3 Roms out?????

  26. Rj says:

    Hello S3 Lovers,
    How’s the battery life after the fixed kernel installed?
    Better than the stock or worse?
    Thx for all your responses in advance~

  27. Rj says:

    Hey Max,
    I have T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999 and when I installed this ROM it’s got BRICKED.
    I followed all your tutorial and don’t know the next move.
    DO you know What I should do?

  28. Jerry says:

    I am currently a tmobile customer. Can I install this rom on the att I747 s3? Will it flash my modem to the tmobile version so I can use 4g service? Thanks

  29. Garry says:

    hey i tried this rom, my phone battery gets got alot, and i phone is always low on battery. what should i do max

  30. Jon says:

    Hey Max, I just wanted to know what files/modifications were made to the root directory when you integrated the App2SD into this rom. Because ever since I’ve flashed this highonandroid rom, I can’t seem to get instagram app to work. It says “Please insert SD card before using camera”. I have my ext SD card mounted, even tried many things like unmounting and reformatting the ext SD but still no luck. I’ve even deleted the init.d folder you mentioned to remove the app2sd hack.

    What’s even worse, I’ve tried flashing other roms and now all the main camera including instagram doesn’t work. It still says “Please insert SD card before using camera”. I’ve searched high and low in multiple forums but nobody seems to have the same issue as me. Last thing I can think of before the camera goes wonky is flashing this rom v0.3 with the app2sd hack.

    Hence me wanting to know what other files/modifications were made to the root directory of the internal storage other than the init.d folder?

    If you could respond to me that would be awesome! I’m stressing over this for weeks now because I can no longer use the camera. Thanks Max!

    • Jon says:

      nevermind, I found a fix! The DCIM folder in the internal storage for some reason wasn’t writable. It couldn’t be deleted or modified without root permissions from ES file explorer. Since it wasn’t writable, the camera app couldn’t use it to store pictures, that’s why i kept getting that error.

      I guess the App2SD hack must have modified the DCIM folder permissions and since a clean wipe doesn’t remove personal data stored in the internal storage (which is where the DCIM folder was) that means, the folder permissions never got changed back to writable. =]

  31. daniel foy says:

    Is anyone else having issues with adobe flash player??? I cant get that app downloaded and i could have sworn I had that feature on the origianal software

  32. aamir says:

    what if I’m running on liquidsmooth rom can i install app2sd hack?

  33. Regena says:

    I got this site from my friend who informed me about this site and at the moment this time I am browsing this website and reading very informative content here.

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