LiquidSmooth JellyBean ROM for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon]

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For those of you with AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon Galaxy S3, try the LiquidSmooth JellyBean ROM. Sorta of a hybrid between CM10 and AOKP, the LiquidSmooth ROM brings you a super-fast user experience coupled with many UI customizations you can be fond of. Besides that, the ROM itself is less than 100MB, making it one of the most lightweight custom ROMs out there and you can expect the ROM to make your phone darn fast without all the TouchWiz bloatware.

Certainly not for everyone but the LiquidSmooth Jelly Bean ROM is certainly for those of you looking for “pure” Google experience plus added flavors so you can tweak it all you want.

At the heart of this LiquidSmooth ROM is the Liquid Splasher control (found in Settings), that allows you to tweak everything in your phone including display, interface, lockscreen, navigation, power menus, sound, CPU, and a whole lot more.

For the lockscreen settings, you will be able to add weather and calendar widgets (which I find very useful), and even change your lockscreen shortcuts to your custom applications (up to 8) just like AOKP ROMs.

For serious tweakers out there, the LiquidSmooth ROM brings you the ability to change I/O scheduler (I recommend CFQ), and even do cool things like enable USB fast charge that will allow you to charge your Galaxy S3 much faster when enabled (this will also disable USB disk drive feature while its enabled).

Still not convinced?  Then check out its Starup menu that allows you to totally tweak out more with more options than you need.

Personally, I do think the developers of LiquidSmooth ROM have done a wonderful job and they are not novices at this, they have been building very solid ROMs for the Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone, which I have used many times before.

So, go ahead, give it a try if you have an AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon Galaxy S3 and let me know what you think! (Please DO NOT INSTALL ON SPRINT or GT-i9300!!!)

Also a note about the AT&T/Verizon version: You can easily toggle between 3G/4G LTE to save battery life.  Even on 4G LTE, this ROM gets pretty good battery life.

Download Version Used in Video: (Download the appropriate ROM for your Galaxy S3!)

Download LiquidSmooth Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747

Download LiquidSmooth Jelly Bean ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999

Download LiquidSmooth Jelly Bean ROM for Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-i535

Download LiquidSmooth GApps (FOR ALL)

To install, follow instructions in the latter part of the video above.

Credits – AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon (Check Credits for latest versions)

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170 Responses

  1. Quintin says:

    does hotspot work on this rom???

    • Quintin says:

      for tmobile version?

      • moshe says:

        sorry for the stupid question but i’m kind of new in all this,please someone can explain me exactly step by step how to change the rom in my mobile,i did the root by the guide here and it was ok but for the rom i can’t understand what to move wher and how…. please someone helpppp….

        • J says:

          Just search it on YouTube. There are a ton of ready step by step videos on flashing roms.

        • moshe says:

          i should extract the file after i downloud and than to copy it to the phone,or before i extract it to copy it?

          • moshe says:

            i have cwm-based recovery v5.5.0.4 it’s ok?
            i need to updat it?

            • J says:

              Open up rom manager and hit the first button that says “flash clockwork recovery rom. It should flash the latest update to version Then get titanium backup and make a backup of your aops. Then use rom manager to make a backup of current rom. When that is done, download the liquid smooth zip and the gapps zip. Do not extract them. Just transfer both files to your phone. Use rom manager button “reboot to recovery”. Once in recovery mode, select “wioe data/factory reset”. When that is done, select “install zip from SD card. Scroll down to the liquid zip and select it. When that is done, select the gapps zip and install it too. Then on the main menu of recovery, select “wipe cache partition. Then hit “advanced” and select “wipe Dalvik cache. When that it done, revolt phone and sign in to gmail at the beginning and let it restore your contacts. The use titanium backup to restore your apps, but not contacts, SMS, or system files. Max shows in the video how to do that. Then enjoy the new rom. But I must admit, if I was you, I would be leery to flash any roms until you were fully educated on the subject. It would be too easy for you mess things up. Good luck.

  2. Quintin says:

    should I get error 7 when installing with tmobile because i am

  3. Ivan says:

    i cant get my home button or browser to work. please help 😀

  4. Quintin says:

    and it started in safe mode????

  5. Quintin says:

    i have installed tons of roms clean install wipe dalvik and cache buggy rom

  6. Ivan says:

    idk it seems to be working fine atm. i will give you a update tomorrow letting you know if i need help.

  7. Quintin says:


  8. Michael says:

    I have High on android rom right now. Can I just flash this rom in cwm so i dont lose all my apps and stuff, and it also has the app2sdcard. i dont want to lose that. All my roms that i have i did a wipe clean install. I prefer not to do that i want to keep everything.

    • Charlie says:

      Use Titanium Backup first, backup all your apps and data, you can find Youtube videos on how to use it. Works well, but make sure the ROM you are switching to recognizes your SD card file format first (I got a nasty surprise when switching to CM10 when it only recognizes FAT32 format SD cards, lost all my backup data.)

  9. Quintin says:

    but tethering does work big plus

  10. jason says:

    Does tmobile have the 4g on top???

    • Quintin says:

      4g for t-mobile is the H this rom seems to stay in 3g until you start using data and it immediately jumps to H which is 4g. I would imagine this saves the battery. Everything is working great so far seems very stable once i got it installed right. Hotspot works my only issue is no swype or changing of fonts.

      • MWaV says:

        Try this link for Swype:

      • J says:

        To my knowledge and location, the H only means 3G+, which is the hspa+ network. In other Words, a polished 3g, which, unfortunately, is what AT&T has where I live. :-(. I recommend getting speed test and confirming. Its free and fast. On 4G you will see speeds in the 5 digits. On the others, only in the thousands.

  11. Ramon says:

    i think everything is fine but i cant get lte, only 4g. anyone else?

    • Quintin says:

      Wondering if I can flash a swype zip???

    • Barrett says:

      You will never see LTE on this ROM bcuz aosp ROMs display signal differently, 4g=LTE, H+=4g, aosp roms just show ya the real deal and touchwiz ROMs like come on your phone lie and show several signals as 4g or LTE even when your not getting it you just thought you were

  12. sam says:

    How long the the boot screen take seems like forever

  13. Rocky Dubb says:

    After installing the ROM, and Google apps don’t you have to wipe the cache, and Dalvik Cache? Thats the only thing i am not clear on, I am coming from the CyanogenMod 10 M1 ROM.

    • Rocky Dubb says:

      Nevermind, after installing the ROM and Gapps, i went ahead and wiped cache, and dalvik cache regardless. Worked out fine.

  14. George says:

    Have galaxy Verizon pictures won’t save and camcorder don’t work plz help

  15. Hamoudie Moussa says:

    Amazing Rom. Solid. Everything working fine.

    Galaxy S3 I747M

  16. Quintin says:

    flashed swype zip now everything is PEFECT!!!!

  17. Michael says:

    Since this is a jellybean rom and if i were to flash a kernel, like the KT747, do i need to flash the AOSP JELLYBEAN version

  18. Quintin says:

    went to swype website and downloaded beta. How do I install wallpapers pack gives error when I flash it??

  19. Paul says:

    @michael, yes use the Aosp version of kt747. I checked this one out when it flashed on facebook, nice start but behind aokp in the bugfix department. Still has the 5 second delay on incoming calls and stuff. If they keep developing it it will be pretty slick though

  20. Michael says:

    Does this rom have init.d support & insecure adb so i can use the app2sd mod

  21. Damien says:

    Everytime I flash this ROM I get “android.process.acore has stopped” Ive tried all cache wipes, factory resets, and reflashes but the problem still persists. Please help, I have an ATT Galaxy S3 currently running HighOnAndroid ROM.

    • J says:

      This problem happens when you let titanium backup restore your contacts, SMS, and even system apps. Max mentioned this and showed how to disable it in titanium in the video. I suggest restoring your nandroid and reflashing this rom and paying close attention to the “what not to do” section of the video.

  22. Quintin says:

    Anyone know how to get the theme that is shown on the XDA. The screenshots are sick. I want mine to look like that. Anyone know how!!!!

  23. Chizops says:

    Do we need gaps with this and if so where can I get it?

  24. Chizops says:

    Nevermind, checked the video

  25. sanil says:

    i installed this rom , then did gapps then wiped dalvik and then cache
    restarted the phone
    now its just showing the liquid smooth animation for the last 20 min

    what should i do ?

  26. ADAM says:


  27. Quintin Bradford says:

    How do you install the walls packs it gives error everytime

  28. nick b says:

    I keep getting messages that force close everything i try going into…how do I fix these errors?…….

  29. J says:

    This rom is pretty smooth. Thank Max for keeping us up to date on the latest. I have been running CM10 M1 experimental since it was released, almost a month ago, as my daily driver. And I have been loving it. I flashed over to Liquid smooth on my At&t sg3 with no problems. I reinstalled a few must have apps and contacts then started on the settings. This rom is very much like CM10 in most aspects of the settings. One thing I really liked (that I can’t do on cyanogen 10) is the ability to make status bar and lock screen clocks center screen. Also, custom colors of the clock, battery, and lock screen text is cool too. But I have to admit, a deal breaker for me was the lack of music player custom equalizer. Since I work construction and rely on my phone for music, I still can’t help but be picky about sound quality. I’m going g to try some after market varieties in the play store but I’m already sceptical due to all the bad reviews. Another concern, though, is my SG3, stripped of any after market apps, only scored a 4630 on benchmark. I get a 5700+ on Cm10. Do you know why that is?

  30. Eamc says:


    I was in the same boat as you, CM10 M1 and recently switched to this LiquidSmooth. I like the customizeable slider and some of the lock screen widgets. For the most part I do agree it resembles CM10 in many aspects. A few things I miss from CM10 was the volume settings being accessible by clicking the volume rocker or even on the pull down menu. I kinda miss the wallpapers too haha.. anyways, J, try using Poweramp. I just started using it this week and it is AWESOME, worth the $5 (theres a trial period first too). Has all the equalizer/knobs you need and the UI is pretty awesome. My only rant about this app is the lock screen doesn’t 100% work with the CM10 nor LiquidSmooth lock screen.

    • J says:

      I hear ya and do agree about the lock screen issue. Although, I have to concede that, on CM10, that bug seemed to improve with time. I also have to admit, I only recall missing 1 wallpaper that I was using. But that was also on the “live” wallpaper variety. But I also forgot to mention earlier that I love the CM10 sounds for ringtones and notifications. I think if I cikd keep the sounds, I would explore the EG issue and keep hoping for center clock. But I did a series of tests, on benchmark, and realized that my fastest tests were on the ICS “aristodemos” rom. :-(. Ugh. I’m not going badt to ICS just for that. Yet. Time to figure out overclocking kernel.

  31. sal says:

    i think i brick my phone trying to install this rom now it wont do anything when i plug in to my computer to see if a can fix it with odin. it can’t be found by but when i go in to device manager it reads it as QHSUSB_DLOAD….
    please help in case there’s no way to fix it can i just take it to tmobile for the warranty? and if i do would tmobile know if it was rooted? once again pliz help and thanks for taking time to read my post..

  32. Michael says:

    Jay go to xda-developers and flash awesome beats, thats what i did and it does the trick, you can customize what you need.

  33. Michael says:

    when i go into camera it doesnt reconize my sdcard and in settings there is not a location tag where i can store the pics to my card, it doesnt even save pictures to my phone. It takes pictures but does not save. Also i have the phone to play a song when receiving texts and certain notifications, but sometimes the song keeps playing when reply. The only way for it to get to stop is rebooting the phone. I think i need to do a data/factory reset and start over, do i ?

    • J says:

      Its worth a try. Its always a good idea to wipe cashe partition and dalvik cashe too. I’m also wondering if this rom has problems with reading SD cards that are larger than 16g like the CM10 rom is having? Thanks for the hint on the awesome beats link. I’ll have to check it out.

  34. David says:

    Hey Max, this rom looks great. Was wondering if it is possible to install google wallet on here? Checked the XDA thread and there was no reference to google wallet that I could find. Let me know if you have any idea when you can. Thanks!

  35. Michael says:

    about the camera issue got it working, tried several data/factory resets and both caches cleaned and a couple of reflashes, it still did not work. So i went to and downloaded the samsung camera v1.63 jellybean mod. and presto the camera storing my pics works now. So if anyone has the same issue do what i did and get camera mod. I forget the link so you will have to look.

  36. sanil says:

    guys there is a new version of liquid smooth rom .. rc5
    i just installed that

    you can go to xda forums to check that

  37. Chizops says:

    Did u get the same camera problem as Michael?

  38. Michael says:

    Heres the link for the camera

  39. Michael says:

    Since i have liquid smooth rom RC3 on m phone but i want to flash to RC5. Do i need to to a complete wipe or can i just flash the RC5 and just wipe the caches

    • sanil says:

      its better to do

      i did wipe data – installed rc5 – installed gapps – wipe cache – wipe dalvik

      everything is looking good

  40. Quintin Bradford says:

    THE RC5 NEWER version is not stable keeps randomly restarting for tmobile

  41. i535 says:

    Is a good ROM. But WHY‘Insert an SD card before using the camera”????I can’t use camera!Please help me deal with this question!I need to use CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. i535 says:

    please help me….

  43. Sergio says:

    I installed LiquidSmooth and followed the directions, but when I tried to re-boot I was stuck on the LiquidSmooth animation, so my question is how do I fix it?
    Thanks in advance.

  44. Sunn says:

    Hey Bro,

    I am have already did a factory reset. I tried installing the att rom..but while installing it aborted…
    assert failed: getprop(“ro.product”) == ”
    d2att” || getprop(“”) == d2att”
    E:error in /sdcard/

    why am I getting this and how do I fix this?

  45. Hamoudie Moussa says:

    There is no Problems with the Camera. The Only Problem I had when I tired to flash this ROM at first is the “STATUS 7” Error. But When I updated CWM to the version 6. Then I flashed GAPPS. Then I did a factory reset followed by wiping the cache. Everything booted up and was working fine.

  46. Quintin Bradford says:

    So I did clean wipe install rc3 then rc5 then rc5 gapps wipe dalvik, wipe cache and it’s been stable all night. How can I get flash??? says flash is not compatible

  47. moshe says:


  48. Bryan says:

    I had tried to install this ROM but I kept getting status 7. I factory wiped, wiped cache, and wiped dalvik cache multiple times but it wouldn’t install. So I decided to go back to CM10 ROM that I was running beforehand. Now it feels like the ROM isn’t working properly. I signal bar is grayed out as if it doesn’t have a signal, my Gmail won’t sync properly. It doesn’t feel like the same ROM I was running before. I had gone through the process of wiping and re-installing a couple of times already but it still feels clunky. Do you know how I can fix this? And do you know what was wrong with installing liquid smooth? I made sure i’m on the most recent version of CWM.


    • Michael says:

      Make sure you update cwm to the newest version

    • J says:

      I had the same problem when tried to flash the new M2 for CM10, lastnight. I wasnt on wifi when i heard it was ready and couldnt wait to try it so I downloaded it straight to my phone via data. It took 45 minutes to download. After the error, I deleted that download and downloaded it again on WiFi. It only took a minute or so and the flash went flawless at that point. So I’m blaming the error 7 on a bad download. I suggest redownloading and trying again.

  49. Quintin Bradford says:

    noticing when sending and receiving messages it restarts alot not as stable as I thought

    • Michael says:

      make sure you are flashing the one specific for your carrier. maybe try doing a full wipe and caches then clean install of the rc5 then wipe all caches then install gapps then wipe caches again. If you were going to do all that there is no sense of installing 3 then 5 just install 5

      • Quintin Bradford says:

        when i did absolutely clean everything then installed just rc5 very unstable restart randomly like crazy

        • Michael says:

          Thats odd i did just that and everytings works perfect except for the camera. all i did with that was flash the aosp samsung camera v1.63 for Jb and everthing is perfect now. awesome rom and i think its very stable. so with you thats odd.

          • Michael says:

            one more thing, what i did was wipe everything twice then flashed with rc5 the wiped everything twice again. I did all that just to make sure everything was clean, so i can be sure it was a clean install.

  50. Jason says:

    Great Rom. Not the most stable but very good. when will someone develop a built in .wav player for us who have enterprise servers sending us VM. Also, what is the best “processor” setting to conserve battery life.

  51. Antonio says:

    This rom made me have bootloop on my tmobile gs3 , PLEASE SOME ONE HELP
    how can i get out of bootloop just shows the samsung galaxy s3 logo and stays there

    • Barrett says:

      Hold down volume up+home key+power until screen goes black, once it does let off power but continue to hold volume up+home key this will putyou in recovery mode: then follow these steps exactly: wipe data factory reset
      Wipe cache
      Go into advanced and wipe dalvik
      Go into mounts and storage and format data
      Flash the ROM
      Flash gapps
      Then reeboot again before setting up your phone

  52. Ben says:

    Does this rom have a screen shot option?

  53. Chizops says:

    I only have cwm cause a used the rooting method found on this site for i747m. Has ny1 installed RC5 using 5.5.04? I tried getting the latest version of cwm but when I try to flash my model does not show up, ny suggestions?

  54. moshe says:

    help updat recovery from v5 to v6 ……?????

    • Barrett says:

      Go to market and get ROM manager, open it and it will have a selection to flash CWM latest and I also recommend paying the dollar it cost to get the touch recovery

  55. Dave says:

    This is a great rom. My only issue like all jellybean roms is I can’t get my contacts to sync from my Microsoft Exchange server. Is there a fix for it? It works perfect on ics.


  56. zack says:

    I installed roms and gapps. And on first boot gapps works and everything is fine. But i went to reboot my phone again, and gapps stoped working. For some reason this happens to me on every rom that requires gapps

  57. Ben says:

    Is anyone else having an issue with sound? I’m not getting any sound from my music or videos.

  58. Chris says:

    Is anyone else having trouble changing the colors for the clock, battery, etc? It wont let me change it from the default blue color.

  59. Alex20 says:

    i can only receive mms but cant send help me!!!!

  60. dusty says:

    I can’t send MMS either. I’m on T-Mobile.

    Shed some light here?

  61. Michael says:

    I dont have any sound when playing videos. Anybody else have theses issues and have you got it fixed

  62. Abishai says:

    This is the second time I flash this ROM and I keep getting the same error message saying that my SD card is damaged and that I need to format it. This sucks because I have a 64gb microSDXC and everything in it got erased for a second time. Any help in why this happens?

  63. BigJ says:

    I have the verizon Gs3. After flashing the rc4 I’m having problems streaming media through Bluetooth. I have a pioneer car stereo and voice calls go through no problem but when i play music it says its on Bluetooth but plays through the phone speaker only

    • Chet says:

      I have a very similar or same problem. I connect headphones as media only, not for calls. It pairs fine, it acts as if it’s playing through the headphones, but the sound is coming from the phones speaker. When i’m playing pandora with the headphones (sound actually coming from the phone speaker) and i power off the headphones, it correctly pauses pandora as if it was playing through the headphones. Seems to be a bug. Any suggestions? this is with att i747.

      other thing i noticed is when adjusting the volume, the adjust volume sound was very delayed, so i just turned off this sound and then everything was fine.

  64. Geoge says:

    Ive had this rom for a couple of days now, switching between this and slimbean, that one seems better on low ram usage. but wont run netflix on it. this is allaround better. but the only problem is i can’t open any videos. i dont see a video/media player anywhere in the rom… is it just me? any fixes?

  65. Barrett says:

    Also to everyone- it is a known fact when flashing in android that a reeboot is sometimes necessary to clear up minor issues, after you flash successfully reeboot b4 you set anything up!

  66. Barrett says:

    Listen people if you like this kinda ROM but want abetter more stable one then here is a link, but you have to be an at&t variant, this a way better ROM with a great support thread and constant updates making things better and fixing bugs, it will have all the features of liquid smooth plus a whole lot more, but it has nothing to do with liquid smooth but I’ve been running task650s ROMs for a long time and I don’t know why this site don’t have a link for it so here it is check it out, its worth it:

    • Barrett says:

      Its a jelly bean ROM and also the latest:4.1.2, it is built from official aokp source! Built by a very accomplished developers (task650 and ktoonsez)
      Trust me if you have a at&t gs3, this is the ROM you should be on, I’ve tried all these ROMs incl. Liquid smooth and I can tell you that the one in the link I provided is much better

  67. zcspec says:

    I just installed this ROM on my GS3. It’s a VERY nice ROM. Im actually surprised how quick and stable it is….highly recommend! And Max, thanks for your hard work. Your site is the premier site I go to for high end Galaxy info.

  68. James says:

    I’m digging this Rom. It’s fast and smooth with plenty of customizations.

  69. Wes says:

    Solid ROM, however I’m having one issue. When I open an app from the recent switcher, there are all sorts of messed up graphics for a second before the app opens. Any ideas?

  70. Griff says:

    Whey are 2 different versions of this rom for AT&T when you click on the d-load link? It is a RC3 and RC7

  71. Griff says:

    Thanks I will try that one

  72. Michael says:

    I havent installed th new rc7 yet, but can anyone confirm that the video recording has been fixed.

  73. Joseph says:

    please help. I am not able to get to boot recovery – can you please tell me how? I am using an At&t Galaxy s3 with the new update – rooted ofcourse. I can’t wait to try this rom.
    Thanks much

  74. Joseph says:

    Please help! earlier I mentioned that I am not not able to get to boot recovery – what I should have said is that I am not able to get “Reboot into Recovery” using Rom manager so as to complete the rom installation.
    I have tried removing the battery and holding the keys but I am no better off. I installed Clockwookmod Recovery and thought I followed all instructions.

    Please help anyone.

  75. Blake Zhang says:

    under this ROM, how to change the camera save location? I didn’t find it…Help me, please!!!!

  76. rumein says:

    Is anyone else having the issue of not being able to do recordings?

  77. Chet says:

    has anyone tried this with the latest gapps 4.2? I took a very quick look at it, had the same issues as as CM10 M2 with gapps 4.2, which are the camera can crash when taking still images, and in system settings, there is no Liquid Launcher, it is missing (Launcher is missing in CM10). One of the main reasons i like gapps 4.2 is because the swype keyboard is awesome, basically made of magic. Anyone know of a third party swype keboard which they like? Also, in gapps 4.2 the google now cards feature is kinda nice, but i havent tried this much in gapps 4.1, so maybe it’s the same.

  78. Alex says:

    Could someone please link me to a download for gapps 4.1? I cant seem to find it. (i747)

  79. Alex says:

    Oh wait nvm i found it hahahaha

  80. Xzavier says:

    I keep getting the same pop-up every 10 seconds. “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped.”
    Is there any way to fix this?

  81. n7plus1 says:

    Custom ROM built off of the recent stock JB AT&T in the works?

  82. argtuba says:

    Just finished flashing. But I’m not receiving any text messages. Everything else is GREAT! But no texts. Any help?

  83. Mark K says:

    Install on a verizon phone, no GSM, same issue as CM10 unless I install my stock verizon rom then immediately install CM10

  84. Richard E says:

    whenever i try to go to camera it says “camera error , cannot connect to camera”
    any suggestios or things i should do ?? please help

  85. Mark says:

    my nigga how many phones u got?

  86. Kp says:

    Having an issue with s voice doesn’t work at all 🙁
    Is this common?

  87. Sam says:

    So I tried this ROM out for about 2 weeks, and initially loved it. The fact that you can change your LCD density is a godsend. In the two weeks I had this ROM I had one week with stock LCD and the second week at 240.

    As much as I really wanted to love this ROM I just couldn’t. For starters the whole two weeks I had would not stop crashing. If I get a phone call in the middle of a game, or when I’m already on the phone it will crash, press OK, ring, crash, press OK, ring and crash again until the call went to voice mail.
    Any game that wasn’t made with unity has serious graphical errors any time I touch the screen and even without.
    Any time I rotate almost any app the rotation animation would not only take longer then usual but it was a acid trip every time.

    Overall I do think that this would be one of the best roms, especially because the incredible battery life and low ram usage but it just isnt stable enough for my tastes. But when an update comes out I will sure as shit be there.

  88. Ellis says:

    Hey man, I normally don’t post on stuff like this but I wanted to drop a few lines and say thank you for your tutorials. I am not a big tech person, in fact, I’m probably pretty retarded with most tech stuff, but I used your site for guidance with rooting my S3, backing it all up, and then installing LiquidSmooth. Just wanted to report that this rom is running really great on my att s3 with little to no problems. 4G works, as does wifi, no glitches, and its super fast. Even with the live wallpapers, the battery life seems slightly better than the stock rom. So far I’m very impressed. Thanks again.

  89. Marc Anthony Loo says:

    Just installed this on my TMobile S3, and I have to say this is AWESOME!!! Prior to this I was using CM 10.0 and I have to say I am very happy with this ROM. Only issue I have is that I do not get 4G or H+ anymore. Any reason why? Anyways great job!!!!

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