Universe S4 ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999!

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For this week’s T-Mobile S3 ROM of the week, check out Universe S4 ROM.

Based on latest MD5 T-Mobile firmware Android 4.1.2 with Premium Suite, the Universe S4 ROM brings you a clean 5×6 TouchWiz launcher with S4 theme.

Of course, S4 theme is just tip of the iceburg and once installed you will find many goodies like AC!D Audio, PureXaudio, Viper XHiFi, 100% Volume Mod, hacked Wifi/Bluetooth tether, ad blocking, flash player, and much more.

Also you will find a bunch of S4 apps like S-Voice, S Translator, Trip Advisor, S4 Group Play, and more.

Other miscellaneous apps include YouTube app with support for screen-off playback, Note 2 browser/keyboard, pop-up browser, and Awesome Note app.

Overall, Universe S4 ROM is a very solid, T-Mobile-based custom ROM with some great S4 theme/apps so give it a go this week(end) and let me know what you think!


Download Universe S4 ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button XDA if you like it!

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29 Responses

  1. Roudan001 says:

    Will try it soon. I hope it’ll be great

  2. freddavis says:

    Will have to try it. But I really dont want to leave synergyrom r484.
    Whay should I do. I lobe those floating windows.need advice. Please help

  3. freddavis says:

    Runs a bit slowwer than synergyrom r484 but looks great. The multi window not working so good

  4. JP Pullens says:

    Google translate keeps crashing on me force close anyone one know how to fix it. Thanks

  5. ed says:

    Google chrome doesnt work like it use to but nice ROM tho
    Is there a ROM like the goodness ROM that sprint n Verizon has for T-Mobile

  6. William. says:

    How is the battery life? I’m currently using the LTE rom and this battery life is excellent

  7. benny says:

    cant download after 5 min show shuts down….suck!!!!!!!

  8. Ahmed says:

    I can’t get the navigation to work, few force close apps,but with a reg. reset everything is fine. My major issue is just the Navigation. Any advice?

  9. Matt says:

    Just downloaded and installed today. Had Wicked v10 gingerbread rom before, this one is great as well.
    Anyone considering this I would say just get it, you won’t be disappointed if you don’t mind touchwiz. So far I love the galaxy s4 interface and tweaks and how clean it looks. Makes my s3 look like an s4.
    although its only the first day, battery life has really impressed me so far- only 5% battery drain for two hours of low use. That is good imo for even idle battery life, and I had wifi+ 4g enabled and no battery saving modes on.

  10. Ricky N says:

    Comment for this rom: So far works fine on everything, except one website it won’t work. This website works on other rom, laptop, tablet, etc.. but not with this ROM. www.cam4.com // Let’s try and you will see! Don’t know how to fix this problem. Tried to use with Chrome, Safari, etc… or flashed rom with all options still got the same problem! Any comment?

  11. nigel says:

    do we have to have a tmobile sim card to use wifi calling

  12. noe says:

    not as good as I wanted to be. MW fails even after the patch, a little bit slow. wicked 10 is better but lacks the premium suite.
    which tom is the most stable with premium suite? please if somebody know..

  13. noe says:

    HI why dont you nake a review of stockorama I have been looking for one and I didnt find one thanks

  14. ed says:

    i installed this rom on my phone. it said completed then when it went to reboot everything went black
    it wont go into recovery mode or nothing still just black. it doesnt even notice that my charger is hooked up to it
    i took the battery out while on the charger i had my l.e.d. turn red then turn off . does this mean my phone is bricked somebody please help me out
    galaxy s3 tmobile

    • Nash-one says:

      if u can get into download mode youll be fine. if not i would do a Jtag repair on it (http://mobiletechvideos.com).. same happend to me and now im happy

  15. Cory says:

    Hey It is not letting me fully view some websites? they show up as text only or as the page has an error. Is there something wrong with the flash?? How can i fix this?

  16. Roberto says:

    My GPS/LTE/SMS are not working.

  17. Lubby Runz-It says:

    I think what we all want to know is: Does data/4g work correctly on the T999? And does GPS work as well? Please let’s get as many testers to reply here as we can to easily collect data. Thank you!

  18. Tao says:

    Can ad block be disabled? websites like ad fly don’t work unless ad block is disabled.

  19. derrick w says:

    Does this ROM work for the t-999l as well?

  20. dennis matamoros says:

    My gps isnt working.. navigation isnt working. . Is there a fix? I’ve already reinstalled google maps Nd still navigation doesnt work and gps cannot find location.. I have a tmobile galaxy s3.

  21. vudu says:

    i was running this rom on tmobile gs3 for a month then out of no where my phone brick wont power up any more any help?

  22. gerard says:

    I saw a lot of complaints about ns navigation did any of you try to add apn 4glte manually

  23. Roberto says:

    I found this one, some of you should be interest on it. It works on mine (t-mobile s3)


    If you have issues locking to GPS, Don’t worry to much, this is a common problem when flashing from AOSP to touchwiz or one touchwiz base to another, there is quite a easy fix

    1)Enter service mode by typing this code into the dial pad *#197328640#
    Wait 1 min
    hold power and select reboot
    check GPS upon boot.

    I didnt’ try this:


    Odin to stock (use mobile to preserve root) – MAKE SURE YOU USE 4.1.1 JELLYBEAN or higher as those bootloaders are very important should you choose to flash AOSP
    factory reset
    root (if you didn’t use mobile)
    flash rom and check GPS

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