Wicked ROM for Rooted T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999! [Jelly Bean Animations]

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FINALLY, I think I’ve found a great, stable and fast custom ROM I can recommend to T-Mobile Galaxy S3 users out there with a SGH-T999.

The Wicked ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S3 is indeed as awesome and wicked as its name, gives you a really cool red theme and Jelly Bean animations for super-quick speeds between changing apps.

I think I love this ROM and also it does come with 1.35Ghz underclocking for significantly improved battery life. You can use the on-board CPU app that it comes with or also use SetCPU to underclock even more. You can also overclock your phone to 1.78Ghz, which is nice for playing 3D games.

Other notable features include init.d script support,removed start up, shut down sounds, and transparent pull down background.

Try out this ROM and let me know what you think, I love it!


Download Wicked ROM

Credits – XDA

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41 Responses

  1. fishguts says:

    Works great, all the features work flawlessly. I always loved the Galaxy S3 TouchWiz UX and I was looking for ways to keep some of the features when I flash to CM9…this seems to have saved the work for me. Thanks for the review and keep up the good work!

    • Max says:

      Nice, good to hear u like it, I LOVE THIS ROM, like BATMAN!

      _..-‘( )`-.._
      ./’. ‘||\\. (\_/) .//||` .`\.
      ./’.|’.’||||\\|.. )O O( ..|//||||`.`|.`\.
      ./’..|’.|| |||||\“““ ‘`”‘` ”””/||||| ||.`|..`\.
      ./’.||’.|||| ||||||||||||. .|||||||||||| ||||.`||.`\.
      /’|||’.|||||| ||||||||||||{ }|||||||||||| ||||||.`|||`\
      ‘.|||’.||||||| ||||||||||||{ }|||||||||||| |||||||.`|||.`
      ‘.||| ||||||||| |/’ “\||“ ”||/” `\| ||||||||| |||.`
      |/’ \./’ `\./ \!|\ /|!/ \./’ `\./ `\|
      V V V }’ `\ /’ `{ V V V
      ` ` ` V ‘ ‘ ‘

  2. Willie PR says:

    I like and is fast, especially the processor to 1.7 that was what I was expecting jajaja thx Max

  3. _____homz says:

    Wow! This ROM is awesome and freakin fast! I just hope the battery will last long… Thanks max!

  4. asaad says:

    Hey Max, since i rooted my phone and i am on at&t i would like to know if there is an good jelly bean rom out there for the Galaxy S3 for the At&t model. Also which is pretty stable and you can use it as your daily driver. Please keep us updated and thank you for all your help…….Keep up the good work.

  5. Tenshadowsun says:

    Hi. How do I bypass the tmo tethering without paying the extra for tethering? I have data on my account. I just want to tether other devices

  6. Mustafa says:

    hey max, i just got an iMac ive installed custom mods on my gs2 and gs3 before but idk how to on this mac. i downloaded this rom but its in a folder and when i copied the folder to the gs3 it said some of the files werent transfers. kinda confused

  7. Mustafa says:

    When i open the Wicked_IR[v1] i see 5 things “boot.img” “data” “installbusybox” “META-INF” and “systems” do i copy all of them over to my phone?

  8. Mustafa says:

    nvm found it in the trash…smh

  9. josh says:


  10. David says:

    Hi Max. How do I get free tethering instead of paying for monthly tethering plan from TMo, on this rom? CM9 has free tethering in the rom.

  11. e-d0uble says:

    Seems to works well, but for some reason I can no longer mount /mnt/extSdCard after boot.

  12. Mustafa says:

    I like the blue theme better

  13. sam says:

    Do I have to buy SETCPU or does it come preloaded?

  14. Sam says:

    Max I appreciate your quick responses. I’ve noticed though that this Rom bounces from 3g to 4g. When I switch back to my back up Rom 4G stays strong and consistent. Let me know

  15. Sal Cas says:

    cool Rom finally something worth keeping

  16. Jack says:

    Hey Max, think you can help me out here?

    Tried using Rom Installer to flash this rom, but my phone gets stuck on the Samsung Galaxy S3 booting screen after installing. I selected the option to wipe out my caches beforehand, so I’m sorta at a loss here.

    How long does it normally take for the initial boot?

  17. Joe says:

    Hey Max, I just installed this ROM on my TMobile Galaxy S3 and I’m loving it but I can’t seem to get a 4G signal. All I see is an H when I’m running around out of my home away from my wifi. Any ideas???

  18. Chad says:

    Will this ROM cause any issues using the Play Store, Netflix, Hulu or any other weird issues like that?


  19. Jason says:

    If anyone has purchased ROM Toolbox Pro, it gives you the option of setting CPU as well. I’m sure one could find the APK for Set CPU, but since I’ve already paid for the ROM Toolbox Pro app and this app does much more (for only a $1 more), might as well use it instead of buying Set CPU or finding the APK.

  20. Lino says:

    question, after I installed wicked on my S3 , now tmobile wants me to apply an update and I guess is ICS, how I turn that off?

  21. Burnt says:

    I just downloaded this rom and cant wait to give it a try… looks damn good. My comment is more about this site…. YOU FU*KING ROCK! i just found this place and i love the videos showing the rom and its ups and downs. Usually i just download random roms from xda until i find one i like but here you do the work for me! Thank you SOOOOO much for the awesome site and keep up the work! definitly will be sending people here!

  22. Joe says:

    Anyone having problem with wallpaper not scrolling when running this ROM? It seems that live wallpaper runs ok but not a picture wallpaper for example. Anyone??

  23. NEK says:

    Was running Wicked rom on ma rooted Tmobile galaxy s3, got the firmware upgrade availability notification from Tmobile over the air (it’s for jelly bean I think). Tried to upgrade it through Samsung kies through my widows pc and got stuck at screen saying “Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again.” Phone not going to recovery mode, need help !!!!

    • Max says:

      Just try unrooting in that mode, it will work!

      • NEK says:

        Tried it many times, but it doesn’t go any further than showing the “modem” in the top left box and this is what it shows in the message box..

        Enter CS for MD5..
        Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
        Please wait..
        T999UVALEM_T999TMBALEM_T999UVALEM_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
        Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
        Leave CS..
        Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
        File analysis..
        Get PIT for mapping..
        Firmware update start..
        NAND Write Start!!

        • NEK says:

          thanks for your help Max, i was able to root it again and the phone started working on Wicked Rom again but no matter what i do while un-rooting(following the way on ur website for un-rooting), it simply don’t go any further than saying “Modem” screen on the top left corner..

  24. Jessie says:

    Was just wondering, what original features (S-voice, for example), if any, are left on the phone?

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