Wicked ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999! [Best ICS ROM][V7]

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If you are looking for super-fast ICS ROM with great battery life, look nowhere than the latest Wicked ROM v7.  After running many Jelly Bean ROMs and trying the latest version 6, I was rather surprised to find out this ICS ROM is still faster than many of the Jelly Bean ROMs out right now.

The latest version also comes equipped with Aroma installer (you can see the options in the latter part of the video), allowing you to customize the Wicked ROM to your liking.

Definitely, this is the best ICS ROM out for T-Mobile Galaxy S3, super-stable and fast.

Of course, we will also be waiting for the Wicked Jelly Bean ROM, probably when the official Jelly Bean hits T-Mobile GS3.

In the meanwhile, try the latest version 6 and let me know if you agree that this is the best ICS ROM or not. (If you think another ICS ROM is better, don’t forget to tell us in the comments section below.)


Download Wicked ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

Also try this:

In settings you can change animations speeds to make the Rom fly
go into settings / Wicked dev options and change the window animation scale to .5 also change the transition animation scale to .5

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54 Responses

  1. Reggie S. says:

    When I try to flash this rom I keep getting an error message “Cant Open Wicked v6[File Location]” (Bad) “Installation Aborted”
    Any Ideas what could be going wrong? – Yes I Wiped data/Factory reset and cleared Cache and Dalvik Cache.. Coming from the CM10 rom, also tried reverting back to the HighOnAndroid rom also..

    • Max says:

      bad file, try re-downloading file.

      • Reggie S. says:

        not sure what I’ve done since but my PC now only recognizes the internal storage and not the ext sdcard. Also the its only partial of items in the internal. Ive tweeked the Mount/unmounts a bit which is likely the problem. I assume “mount” sdcard and ext sdcard and the others (system, data, and cache didnt really matter that much. If You have an idea or recognize the problem i’d appreciate the help. Thx

  2. Brett says:

    I am a noob so forgive if this is a stupid question. I flashed this ROM and so far it is very nice, very fast. I can’t use Google Chrome though. It just has a black screen regardless of what I search for.

  3. Joe says:

    I have been using Wicked ROM since v2. Wicked ROM v6 is amazing, as stated fast and stable. Free of bloat from both Samsung and T-Mobile. Looking forward for when evil1art works up a jellybean ROM.

  4. Mark W. says:

    does max or anyone knowif it is normal for this ROM to run very hot .it installed fine and runs incredibly but the phone heats up a lot and I want to make sure I don’t damage it. also is it bad if I didn’t wait 5 minutes before rebooting by accident?

  5. Eric says:


    installed the wicked ROM and upon reboot the phone stays on the Samsung splash screen. I re-loaded the ROM and continue to get the same issue. What suggestions do you have for resolving this problem?


  6. quintin says:

    CM10 seems to be the most stable and have best battery life with working hotspot tmobile version. Can’t wait to have a tmobile version with note 2 gallery

  7. Sikuta says:


    How to know if the rom supports other languages​​, particularly SPANISH.

    Thank you.

  8. Max E. says:

    I’ve been running wicked since v2 and love it! I’ve tried AOKP, cm9, cm10 and redruM but I always come back to wicked after a few days sometimes less..

  9. Joe says:

    I have had the early version of Wicked Roms and have never had an issue until now. My Navigator is in a foreign language and I can’t find a way to select differently. Also the Walkman music player sucks, I can’t figure out how to add songs to existing playlists. Anyone having same issues??

    • Blukrystlz says:

      My speech is in a foreign language as well, i have been trying to figure out how to change it as well, all of my settings are set for English….and i dont have the option to use speech to text for messaging 🙁

      Please if someone knows that would be awesome!



    • marcusmichelsen says:

      my s voice and navigator also is in a foreign language… any fixes????? everything is set to english..
      maybe if we made a nandroid backup of the original working rom where svoice and nav worked. and then used titanium backup made a backup off those two apps and then an unininstall in that rom reboot in recovery back into the wicked rom and uninstalled the apps under applications not titanium backup,and then go into titanium backup and do a restore of app only not restore app and data??????? i dunno..

  10. marat says:

    Hi whats the best way to get rid of all the bloat wear i have on Tmobile S3 is there a program that will allow me to uninstall this software thank you. My phone is rooted.

  11. Minh Nguyen says:

    There seems to be an issue, I’m not sure it’s just me. But when I try to use S Voice, voice dialer pops up. Any fixes?

  12. CanTho4Ech2003yahoo.com says:

    Yes This Wicked V6 rom run very good i did load in my phone to use 1 week already. Who need a navigation you have to go download in the play store. Good luck.

  13. fat bastard says:

    This is the most reasonable choice for a custom rom, I have been seduced by jellbean roms again and again and always end up going back to ics…it feels weird to have a galaxy s3 and having to settle for ice cream…but it is the right choice guys…my best advice is to stick to this rom until we get official jelly bean….oh shit…theres another jelly bean rom on xda….shit this is like cheating once you do it once …you wanna do it every dayyyy …sonnof a bitchh

  14. jeneva says:

    hi max,

    does it work for s3 from other regions of other telcos? thank you..

  15. Mike says:

    This rom support App2ExtSD ?

  16. marcusmichelsen says:

    hey all.. so i tried all i could to get svoice and navigator out of the foreign language in and out of different roms using
    t backup something buggy in the rom for sure, on my stock ics rom s voice and navigator work fine. flashed frosty jb rom tested svoice and navigator the voice was in English in both and worked fine…
    max any ideas? i guess its just a bug in development?

  17. christianstak says:

    Hi Max, I just installed wicked v7, looks pretty sweet but for some reason I cannot manually choose my network type, I get one 4g bar in my house but It switches to edge full bars… I used to be able to switch radios with an app called radio switcher but wicked v7 wont support it, it displays an error of configurations, do you know any other way to manually pick the network type? thanks max
    Im getting super high with this rom

  18. Jeff says:

    I think wicked is a great Rom, but I was just wondering does anyone’s screen flicker? This is the only thing I have noticed about the ROM. Other than that this is a really cool ROM. Thanks.

  19. Jeff says:

    I had a samsung s2 skyrocket At&t and I was hitting really fast speeds. My download was 55mbps and upload around 12mbps. I switched to the samsung s3 t999 from t-mobile and hit okay speeds around 19mbps dowload and for some reason it will not hit anything higher than 1.7mbps upload. Has t-mobile done something to lock this speed? Just curious if there’s a radio I can flash to get better upload speeds?

  20. Morris says:

    what if i do not back up my rom. can i still do a stock rom recovery?

  21. christianstak says:

    I flashed the rom and my imei is 0 i restored it but I still can connect to 4g, I dont know what to anymore…help!

  22. KC says:

    Loaded Wicked7 ROM – superfast with KTweaker and new superuser app (Super SU), which I’ve used in the past and no issues. Great work by the developers; if I had to recommend anything it would be:
    1. Add Drive Mode option to drop-down menu – useful on long drives
    2. Add option to turn off new boot animation…the Devil dancing around while booting is not something I want.

    Because of #2, above, and reverted back to Wicked6 ROM.

  23. Brad says:

    Amazing Rom. Extremely fast and I love the graphics. Comes with the option to install Google Now which is the best thing Jelly Bean offers. Everything works including wifi calling. I have found no issues with this rom. Works superb. If you have any problems installing, you probably did something wrong.

  24. Cody says:

    hi im having a problem with my samsung galaxy s3 for t mobile. im trying to install wickedv7 rom on my phone i downloaded it. i know how to clockwork and everything. the problem is when i try to put the wickedv7.tar file on my phone it says “the device has either has stoped responding or has been disconnected” but i can still delete files on my phone from my computer or put other thing on my phone any advice thank you

    • Reggie S. says:

      Check the file size. Chances are it didn’t download correctly. If it’s not about 888mb its a bad file and you just need to give another attempt at it. Give another holler if this doesn’t assist you.
      Good Luck!

    • jeff says:

      If your are flashing wicked or any ROM using CWM you need to download the .zip file. 😉

  25. Yousef says:

    can you tell me about the languages in the wicked 7 if its come with all languages like the international ice cream sandwich, or as a Tmobile version just 5 or 6 languages .

  26. Cody says:

    So ive had the wicked rom for a day or 2 now and idk what happend but when i call people sometimes they cant hear me. i can hear them fine any reason for this?

  27. Tim says:

    Hey guys, after installing Wicked V6 I can’t download apps from Google Play on my PC browser and have them transfer over to my galaxy s3. For example I’ll be on Googleplay on my PC and download a game, it’s supposed to download on my phone automatically but now it doesn’t do that. Anyone know why?

  28. DeWayne says:

    Upon flashing everything works fine until it reboots then it freezes my phone. I have to go into recovery and do a master reset then recovery into another ROM.

  29. Rafael says:

    the download link is not working

  30. Brad says:

    When will we see jelly bean wicked v8?

  31. Cody says:

    I can’t wait for wicked jelly bean!

  32. Roosevelt says:

    Does this work for all us models or only t mobile?

  33. devaughn staple says:

    Hello Max, for some reason after i flashed the rom it says that I have adobe 11 flash installed but it doesn’t load any flash or it says that I don have any?

  34. YOYI55 says:

    Hey install the Wicked7 and eveything went smooth until it restart this video of a monster wont pass from there any help?

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