HighOnAndroid ROM v0.3 for Rooted Verizon Galaxy S3! [App2SD]

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Here’s a quick update on the HighOnAndroid ROM version 0.3 for your rooted Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535!

Now it comes with support for App2SD (swaps your internal storage to microSD card so you can get more app data space) with everything else from previous versions including custom boot animation support, Jelly Bean animations, GoogleNow, and should give you very good battery life.

Also, I am working on a new battery optimizing script that will give you even more battery life for version 0.4.

Try it and let me know what you think!

Note: Please make sure you unlock bootloader before installing this ROM! (see video tutorial)


Download HighOnAndroid ROM v0.3

Credits – XDA, Official HighOnAndroid ROM Page

Q: How do I stop annoying Verizon updates?
A: You can use Titanium Backup app (free on Play Store) then select “Backup/Restore”, find “S.D.M. 1.0” and uninstall it.

Also see previous versions:


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114 Responses

  1. jacob says:

    i keep getting error message when i take photos in the stock camera app “unable to load photo”

    • Hunter says:

      @Jacob, you need to switch the storage location in the camera settings. I had the same problem.

    • Max says:

      Yeah might have to change the storage settings then it will work.

      • minigts says:

        Pardon my ignorance, but I don’t see in the phone where you can specify where the memory for the camera is. My phone takes pictures, but I can’t access them in any gallery. Suggestions or directions on how to set the storage? I’ve tried the menu button when operating the camera and I don’t see the option.


        • upside-dan says:

          The setting is in the camera app. When you have the app open hit the settings icon (looks like a gear) scroll down until you find the storage setting.

      • adilson santana says:

        i have a galaxy s3 for verizon and i’m trying to install HIGHONANDROID ROM, it install perfectly but when it goes into the set up its telling me that this is not a verizon sim card to please contact your service provider. Do you have a solution for this?

    • George says:

      hey can i install the google wallet over this rom for verizon

  2. Chaz Byrge says:

    Hey Max, after I flash this rom, my phone will not start up. Version 0.2 works fine, but when I flash 0.3 it restarts right back into recovery every time.
    Please help. Thank you!!!!

    407 791 6174 Chaz

  3. Izzy Fig says:

    Hey Max, I have a huge problem here. I tried flashing this rom and now when my phone boots I get a caution Yellow Triangle sign and a message that says “System software not authorized by Verizon Wireless has been found on your phone” and its says to take it to the store. I tried to odin it with a rooted stock image and it still says the same thing. Can you help? Thanks

    • Max says:

      Sorry to hear that you have to unlock bootloader before installing ROM.

      But there is an easy solution, simply unroot:

      Then unlock bootloader:

      Then re-install ROM.

  4. Upside_dan says:

    I just loaded the HighOnAndroidROM_SCH-I535-v0.3 ROM. It’s fantastic! I Love it and can’t wait to see what’s next! Thank you so much for your efforts.
    BTW… Is there a way to use or update Google Now/Voice to work offline?

  5. soc kerdad says:

    Link is down for:

  6. Gio says:

    Hi Max I’m not sure if it’s because of the rom or what’s happening, but it’s really annoying. Maybe you have a solution I can try? My phone used to have solid gps running. Location was fixed real quick, but now it takes forever to get location fixed. And when it does pick up my location, it’s still spotty at best.

  7. Evan says:

    Every thing is great except camera isn’t working. it takes pictures , but they wont load.

  8. Android Knob says:

    Sorry for this dumb question, but I can’t seem to figure out how to change where the camera saves files. Have looked in the settings while the camera app is running and they don’t appear anywhere obvious. Can any one help explain where / how they are changed?

    • Max says:

      scroll down in settings from camera app.

      • Android Knob says:

        Ok I feel sheepish now.. If only the U/I gave some indication that the list extended beyond what was shown.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Many thanks..

        • jeremyb says:

          i did the same thing when i first got my gs3. i felt like i was eating crazy pills, thinking “how could that setting NOT be in the camera app!?” ahh low and behold, scroll down. lol

  9. chad brown says:

    Nice work on the Verizon high on android Rom! Can you add call recording on your next version? Keep up the great work!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks C.Brown

  10. jacob says:

    anyone else have issues at times that phone will drop wifi connection and have to turn off then back on to connect again

  11. Chris says:

    I am running CM10 right now and its ok but has a few bugs. Does this ROM operate better overall?

  12. upside_dan says:

    Yes, this ROM is great! Super stable like the stock version with just the right additions and improvements.

  13. Christopher says:

    Max, high on 0.3 is the bomb. With the great tutorials you can’t go wrong!

  14. Topher says:

    Max, which do you prefer High on or Synergy for Verizon GS3? Do they both block Verizon OTA?


    • Max says:

      I prefer HOA for Verizon. But I might be biased as I made the ROM. They do both pretty much block OTA but it’s better that way for custom ROMs.

  15. Marc says:

    Max, what about adding the FM Radio app found on the international version…if at all possible i would love to have that….just a thought…

  16. ryan says:

    Just wondering will this ROM wipe the apps already on the phone?

  17. mike says:

    I have loaded the image and the little green android with lightning runs forever … how long does it take this rom to install please help… i am stuck

  18. Ilya says:

    So any ideas on when the official JB update will be released for the Verizon s3?

  19. Ilya says:

    I’m trying to undo the app2sd hack and I can’t erase the init.d directory file because it is a system file. Is there a way I can delete system apps?? Possible application that allow this?

    • Max says:

      Use es file explorer app enable root and mount in settings.

      • Ilya Borisov says:

        Thank you so much!! I was trying to figure that out for the longest time. Oh and I was wondering.. Because I’m on a custom rom, that means I can’t software update, can I? Cause an official Verizon Update was released and when it tries to install, it goes to clockworkmod recovery and aborts the installation.

  20. Mike says:

    Hi, Max ! This is an awesome rom! Smooth as butter ๐Ÿ™‚ But I have one odd thing hapening to me: when I connect my audio tape to 3.5mm jack adapter (to send the sound to my car, while listening to TuneIn) I can hear some interferences in the speakers, like a second radio station running in background. I stopped TuneIn app and while having the 3.5mm jack connected, I could still hear that “background” radio station. I also closed TuneIn, and the issue persisted. I never had this problem with the stock rom or rooted stock rom. Do you have a radio app runing in background by any chance? Could you check the output to the audio jack and see if any app is sending something to it? I am eager to find a solution to this as I listen to TuneIn online radio 90% of my driving time. Thanks and keep up the great work! Mike

  21. Alex says:

    Is there anyway to set s voice back as standard voice assitant? google now wont recognize any of my commands all i get in response is “i didnt catch that”

  22. Marc says:

    If what your tying to do is re-assign the double tap home key back to svoice…because these Roms default the double tap to voice dial….first open svoice…go into setting…turn off launch svoice by double tapping home button…then down load from the play store an app called home 2 shortcut..in the app step one choose application svoice or what ever app you want to use when double tapping…step two..leave as normal…step three choose touch wiz…step 4 just follow instructions. And your done…hope this helps…

  23. Giovanni says:

    Hi Max!
    I just got notified on my S3 that Verizon has an update for my phone!! I deferred until tomorrow, though. Will having High on Android v2 cause my phone to get messed up if I allow verizon to update? Sorry, may be a dumb question (but I’m a noob). Thanks in advance!

    • Max says:

      yes working on it!

    • jacob says:

      I wouldnt update this update its only a few tweaks
      Device Enhancements
      + Improved stability and connectivity with Back Up Assistant.
      + Added support for viewing the Guided Tour videoโ€™s over the Cellular Network.
      + Enhanced Customer Support with Verizon Remote Diagnostics.

      Verizon Wireless customer care, this solution, with the customerโ€™s permission, allows support
      personnel to remotely view the userโ€™s device for device training, application demonstrations and
      + Improved Data Connectivity when using SBeam.

      + โ€œNo SIMโ€ pop up issue has been resolved.
      id wait until the official 4.1 update

  24. Mark W says:

    Just installed it. Runs great but I keep getting a gmail account error every 15 minutes saying that my account is not able to sign in, yet all my apps and contacts have come through. Anyone else had this issue?

    • Marc says:

      You know what I have been on this Rom for a week and a half now and no issues until about an hour ago I started getting that same message with a triangle in the drop down menu..when I checked what it was it said unable to sign into account….I don’t think it’s a Rom issue but maybe a server issue with Google….but then again I could be wrong…

    • Max says:

      That was happening to me all last night, Google servers were being funky, not ROM related.

  25. Jacob2kD says:

    I saw a report online about issues with Google servers cant remember where tho..

  26. DiabolicSteve says:

    I really want to use this ROM but it doesn’t let me turn off the Samsung keyboard. Once you use Swype there is no going back but it wont work on this ROM.

  27. Mike says:

    Max, you rock! Any way to include the stock android keyboard when you release .04? Also is there a way to stop the screen from turning on for every txt message?

  28. shan101 says:

    Hi Max,

    I am in trouble getting the Yellow triangle and message says unauthorized software has been found take it to the verizon store. Please help I thought boot loader is unlcoked becuase when load ez-unlock app the unlock was highlihgted and it thought when i rooted my phone using odin and your stock root image method, thought bootloader must be unlocked at that time. No I am trying to go in to download mode and it is not going it is showing triangle and the message. Please help I hope i did not bricked it. Do i have to be in download mode to use odin or I could just start odin and flash the stock image and then unlock the boot loader and reflash. I am worried. thanks.

  29. shan101 says:

    Please help it is not going in to download mode. I also did the cwm 6 recovery flash on it using ez recovery. please help thanks

  30. shan101 says:

    Thanks God I was able to go in to download mode and able to flash stock without root on galaxy.
    All my apps and data is there including alot of disalbe bloatware i.e samsung kies and verizon bloatware. Do I have to factory reset and delete all the data before I flash using odin stockrom with root just like i had it before unistalling the AndroidOnHigh ROM. Since I do not have root app I need to get that first using stockwithroot.zip and then unlock the boot loader then reflash AndriodOnHigh. Please I used first Rom manger to flash recovery but then I saw your ez recovery video where you said we should use Ez recovery and flash cwm 6.0 since it is better. so after flash cwm recovery with rom manager I flashed once with ez recovery cwm. then I do not think I unlocked the boot loader and try to installed the andriodonhigh rom using cwm and going into recovery and highlight install from sd and used internal sd card and pick up the andriodonhigh rom and it did flashed it and then it went to yellow Triangle not authorized by verizon message.

    Please can you tell me since i do not have root anymore do i have to factory reset eventhough i have all the apps and data which i would like to keep. To get the root back do I have to flash using odin and use stockwithroot.zip. Once I do that i can use unlock boatloader app and then how should I be installing AndriodonHigh rom. Should I use Rom Manager or Odin or CWM.
    Thank you sorry for the detailed and long message. I just wanted to be clear on things, so I do not get in to trouble with a brick phone.

  31. shan101 says:

    “Correction” Do I have to factory reset and delete all the data before I flash using odin stockrom with root just like i had it before installing the AndroidOnHigh ROM.

  32. steve says:

    Hey max I’m trying to try different roms but for some reason I can’t create a backup of highonandroid Rom. From my Rom manager. Any ideas? Thanks

  33. Chris says:


    I know this is a basic basic question but bare with me. I literally have no clue how to take your rom and get it onto my phone? I downloaded it onto my computer and unzipped it, do i transfer it into a folder on the phone via usb? If so which files? My phone is rooted and unlocked like the directions say. I also have Rom manager downloaded as well. I just sort of got into all of this last night. Just got on android recently with the GS3, thanks very much.

    • jacob says:

      dont unzip the file put like came on to your gs3 either internal or external storage. make sure to unlock the boot loader with this app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mmmeff.ez.unlock&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDEsImNvbS5tbW1lZmYuZXoudW5sb2NrIl0.
      then in rom manager select install from SD card and find the file you put on to phone and select it then say yes. phone will reboot and install the rom.

  34. heartnspirit says:

    I had trouble with this too. It does make a backup but for some reason it can’t read the script with the file name that you entered so it defaults to saving it with a date of 1970- xx-xx. If you look with Rom Manager you’ll find some files with names starting with 1970.

  35. steve says:

    yeah i also have the same file saved. did you try using it? did it work with the default file name with 1970-XX?

  36. heartnspirit says:

    Yes, they do work but I haven’t figured out the date scheme so I don’t know which file is what.

  37. DiabolicSteve says:

    So there is no way of turning off the Samsung keyboard?

    • jim says:

      I was able to turn off the samsung keyboard and install swype on this rom. Install swype beta, then when you enable it on your phone it is a 2 step process. First you check the box for swype beta under “language and input” in your settings, then just above those check boxes it will say “samsung keyboard” with an arrow to the right of it, click on that and select “swype beta” and you should be set.

  38. Eric says:

    Hi Max,

    Firstly ๐Ÿ™‚ and Most Importantly: Keep up the great work!!! & Thank you!!!

    I’m a Noob. So far, with much gnashing of teeth, you have enabled me to root my phone and install (properly with backups, etc…) High_On_Android_V0.3

    I am elated with your developements – SuperStable! & Lots of extras!!! I’m eagerly looking forward to V0.4

    My question revolves around saving apps to my sdcard. (64gb sandisk)

    My phone rocognizes my card but it seems to save everything to internal memory….

    Any pointers from you are greatly appreciated!

    -Continued Peace and Prosperity to you, Max!

    • Max says:

      What does it say in Settings->Storage, is 64GB set to internal? Then it should be working.

      • Eric says:


        You are correct it is working; It took me awhile to comprehend that you swapped folders (so to speak) I am a slow learner but, I am diligent!

        Thank you, Brother! (for all of the hard work you’re putting in for us)

        One more question; please:

        To know which APPS can be moved (safely) I should first freeze them to see how they behave or download an APP to (hopefully correctly) configure APPS Storage locations automatically.

        – Safe Travels, My Friend! –

        • Eric says:


          If I could just get out of my own way, I’d be awesome like you!

          Using Kies everything is buttery-smooth. (drag-and-drop : not so much)

          You’re The Stuff, Brother!

          — I may garner the courage to download a couple more Max Approved ROM’s and flash between them to see what’s what!

          — Keep it Lite!

  39. ass kicker says:

    update the rom or im gonna kick ur ass with sum bad ass karate moves… i sick of the freakin update popups

    • Max says:

      Just do the update, they will not work and stop popping.

      • Ilya says:

        I do the update, it fails. And then after rebooting it does the same thing. The message olpops up and forces me. I keep changing the time but I can’t always be on my phone to prevent a reboot into recovery attempting to install the “intrusted zip”

        • Charlie says:

          Use titanium backup and freeze fwupdate… fixed it for me.

          • Charlie says:

            edit: freeze FWUpgrade 1.2.0.
            That stops the Verizon overlords from forcing update notifications down your throat.

            Just coming back to this ROM after CM10 M2 (and it seems like all other Jelly Bean Roms I have tried) were unable to see my SD Card, rendering my camera and gallery useless. Sooo…. I’m back!

  40. Victorious Vesper says:

    Hey, love the Rom!
    1. How can I keep this thing from downloading the Verizon update? Keeps using my internet and not cancelable.
    2. Can you add the option to change the color of the battery and like displays? I like blue better than green but would like to alter it to match my ever changing backgrounds..

    And to “ass kicker”, make your own Rom and as politely as I can be; go fuck yourself with the fat end of a pool stick… that is all.

    • kick ass says:

      vesper…i will do that as soon as a pull it out of ur mom!!! this whore is loving it..lol

    • Max says:

      1. Try doing the update, it will fail and stop asking you to update.
      2. Not sure yet I just don’t have time to update the ROM at the moment, too many things going on in my life. But will try though.

  41. Victorious Vesper says:

    who told u my mom was a whore??look..we a trying to get her treatment for meth!! the bitch just has issues.. im sorry man

  42. Victorious Vesper says:

    “Ass kicker”, “Kick Ass” or whatever ignorant name you use next, you are ridiculous. I had a legitimate inquiry and now my handle is being used by morons. Listen you inane insipid ameoba brained losers, if you know what those words means without looking it up; you may yet have some brain cells in your head. So please do the world a favor and use them. You serve no purpose by acting like an anonymous dick head and you have far from upset me and my mother has been dead several years. So either put some effort forth when you decide to insist on insulting me or sit back amid the chaos and learn something.

  43. C Vervaet says:

    Great ROM, however I would recommend disabling the Verizon Update feature. Friday my device kept downloading the Verizon update, and only allowed me to differ the update to a specific time of the day. It would constantly reboot into recovery to try and apply the update. I was unsuccessful in disabling this.


    • me says:

      as far a the updates…i have root tool box and i just froze s.d.m. 1.0 and i havent had any updates popup…best rom around because of the apps2sd feature.. also try new leaked radio….i can tell a difference

  44. jordan says:

    Which file do I remove to undo the app2sd hack? Also, do you have a recommendation on a app that will let me connect the phone as a mass storage device? Thanks

  45. peter says:

    I have installed the high on android v 0.3 and for the last few days I keep getting verizon update. What should I do since I don’t want to loose any of my files. Also if I update does that unroot the phone? Please help.

  46. Markm7 says:

    Highonandroid is a Great rom Max

  47. James says:

    I think I have made a huge mistake. I have HighOnAndroid .3 on my phone. I was going to start over and unroot, so I locked the bootloader with EZ Lockr and tried to reboot to get into download mode so I could follow your video to unroot. Now it gives me a yellow triangle with exclamation point and says “System software not authorized by Verizon Wireless has been found on your phone. Please turn off your phone and go to the nearest Verizon Wireless store for help.” How do I fix this? Please help. Thanks

    • Max says:

      Just unroot to fix:

      Make sure you do a factory reset before unrooting in CWM Recovery!

  48. Scott says:

    Max, I rooted two weeks ago to this mod and all has been great till I tried to take a picture with the camera and it couldn’t save the picture I just shot. Changing the settings on the phone to as to save the photos on the phone and not the SD card seemed to fix it but last night looking in Astro File Manager I saw a huge problem.

    My phone has a 32 gig flash drive in it and nowhere now do I have even close to that amount of capacity on that card, more like the phone sees it as a a 16 gig card. Also, in Astro my phone lists 3 separate disk drives;

    Drive 1 appears to be the phone
    Drive 2 appears to be the SD Card
    Drive 3 Appears to be the replaced Mod in a folder on the SD Card but appears to be its own separate drive in Astro.

    Problem is now I have movies and data scattered all over my SD card (duplicates) and no way to remove the duplicate files.

    Another issue is that when you hook the phone up to a pc, Windows only sees two drives, the phone & the card, not the backup up rom inside of the clockwork folder.

    Is there a way to straighten this mess out?

  49. Eric says:

    Hey Max,

    I have a similar situation.

    I cannot save image taken with phone
    and had to use X-plore to remove unorganized
    Images lumped into Camera Folder.

    Confidence in your abilities is high

    ‘Cause I’m High_on_Anddoid!


    -Be Easy, Max…

  50. Eric says:

    Hi Max,

    It is said,

    there is a price for stupidity


    I pay more than most!


    If you want to hide something from me – put it in a book, right?


    Ahh, SCROLL DOWN and change settings!!!

    – I have excuses but, I will keep them to myself –

    Look Out – Noob, coming through!

  51. Mikey says:

    everything works..but i cant seem to access gallery says not enough space free space to access and when i try to take pictures on instagram it wont allow me to..says please insert sd card then continue? i have sd card installed it reads when i play music..im using a 32gb patriot class 4 mirco sd

  52. Eric says:

    Previously, I froze the fWUpgrade 1.2.0 without sucessfully stopping OTA update notifications; Now I have frozen SDM 1.0 Hopefully, this is the kicker! (looks good b/c the green icon is a perfect match.) I may not know for a while because the upgrade attempted (failed) to load while I was sleeping. So, it may have stopped on it’s own. Still, I will share results with my Android Family!

    -Play Nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Ric says:

    Hey Max, love you videos and work. I had a question regarding the highonandroid v0.3 rom for my ATT Samsung Galaxy i747. I was pretty sure I read that if coming from the stock rom, a factory reset wouldn’t be needed? I have a backup so no biggie. It didn’t work for me and had to do a factory reset. Did I miss a step? Be nice if I did so I can restore it back and try again. Please let me know. Thanks again, love your work.

  54. Zac says:

    Are you still going to put out a fix for the battery? This rom definitely needs battery help ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Justin says:

    how to you install the custom bootanimation?

  56. Brandon says:

    awesome sites bro nice detail, big up to you man

  57. danny says:

    WiFi keeps dropping. I keep having to turn it on and off . Anyone know what I can do to solve this because I really like this Rom

  58. lhowe24 says:

    Do you have the choice to use the App2SD or not?

  59. fred says:

    Hi max,
    Great build. Keep up the good work. Funny bug i found. When i open the browser the screen goes into auto dim mode. I never use auto so its frustrating. Also i never did see the ap2sd. Is it a app you have to download? Thanks for all the help.

  60. zebi says:

    hey max please check this link video is not available please fix this i wanna unlock my bootloader


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