How to Get Free Wifi Tether on Rooted Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535!

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I’ve getting a ton of requests for setting up free wifi tether on a rooted Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535. Well, it’s pretty simple to do, all you have to do is download and install Wifi Tether app for Rooted users from the Play Store then set Profile to “Galaxy Nexus CDMA/LTE” under Settings. If that doesn’t for some reason (although works fine on mine), you can also trying checking on “MSS clamping” and “Routing Fix”.

I used this method to tether 4G LTE at my mom’s house over the weekend and was great as I got near 15Mbps download speeds and 10mbps upload.

If you are having trouble, just follow the video tutorial above for your fix and profit!

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15 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Thanks a lot! It wasn’t working and I found your video… Switching to the Nexus profile did the trick. Thanks

  2. RustyJones says:

    Awesome, it works! I had to enable “Routing Fix”, but DISABLE “MSS Clamping” before my laptop would see the network. Thanks!

    • Max says:

      good job!


  3. Peter says:

    You don’t actually need root to use Verizons Wifi hot spot. I have unlimited data and an unrooted galaxy s3 and I’ve discovered a way to toggle the hot spot without rooting. All you need to do is download widgetsoid from the market place and create a widget to turn on hot spot. It will launch Verizons hot spot software without doing the authentication check. It’s been working fine for me since I got my phone and accidentally pressed the button.

    • bo barry says:

      I was told that using a wifi only tablet with a hotspot on a phone cost extra.($10 or $20).
      I didn’t argue since I thought there was a way around it. I have a S3 on the way and will know soon.

      • Wizard Prang says:

        That is correct… if you are on the “Share Everything” Plan. The trouble with this plan is that it has the most expensive data in the Western World ($50/1GB), + $40/mo for smartphones, $30/mo for dumbphones and $10/mo for tablets.

        If you are grandfathered into Unlimited Data, that is not an option and they will switch you to Share Everything, which is Not a Good Thing.

  4. Rick says:

    If you are paying for tethering get them to take it off your bill!

    • Wizard Prang says:

      Not so fast… this does NOT apply if you are on an unlimited data plan. Quotation from the above-mentioned article.

      Verizon “revised its service offerings such that consumers on usage-based
      pricing plans may tether, using any application, without paying an additional fee.”

      If you are on a “usage-based” (i.e.: “metered”) data plan, you are already paying for the data you use, whether it is going to the phone or to a tethered device. They’re already getting paid for the data – and share plan data is massively expensive – so obviously no objection to tethering.

      If you are on unlimited and tether, IMO they could theoretically force you out of your unlimited data plan or drop you and make you pay an ETF.

  5. Thavet says:

    Hey Max how do I set up free tethering for tmobile GS3?

  6. Vimal says:

    Hey Max, Thanks for all your work and videos. I just installed CM10 M1 on my Spring Samsung GS3. The ROM is awesome. I went to install Wifi Tether for Root Users. Tried various configurations and rebooting, but my laptop just wont pick up the AP. Here’s what I tried

    1. Device Profiles tried : [Generic ICS/JB (wlan0), Samsung Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE), Samsung Galaxy S3]
    2. Wifi Encryption: [ON and OFF]
    3. Access Control: [ON and OFF]
    4. MSS Clamping: [ON and OFF]
    5. Routing Fix: [ON and OFF]

    Am I the only one not able to get this work? Thanks a lot and I hope you can keep on working your magic!

    • Max says:

      Cm10 has native wifi tether in settings did u try that?

      • Vimal says:

        Yes and USB tethering works great! Thank you!

        When I try the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot OR Set up Wi-Fi hotspot, they both just take a long time and seem suspended..

        Have you been able to get the Wi-Fi to work? If so, what’s the trick?

  7. Connor says:

    Hey Max,

    How do I root my s3 SCH-I535 on a mac osx?

  8. Brad Meyer says:

    I can get foxfi to show up on my ipad and laptop but after they are connected they have no internet conection, any ideas??

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