How to Install Custom ROM on Verizon Galaxy S3! [KEXEC]

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For those of you wondering what locked bootloaders are on the Verizon Galaxy S3 and also what “kexec” does (I am sure you’ve heard it on XDA forums before), here’s a video explaining sort of what’s really going on with locked bootloaders and how developers are going around the problem with “kexec” supported recoveries.


You can download EZ Recovery on the Play Store or at Rootzwiki.

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9 Responses

  1. Aaromn says:

    Hey Max, love what you do, you were a big help when I had my evo and an even bigger help now on my sgs3. So, here is my problem, I have a verizon sgs3, I got it rooted and got the bootloader unlocked, and now I am trying to flash synergy r73 and every time I flash it it gets hung up on the first “samsung galaxy s III” screen and will do nothing at all I’ve tried everything i can think of and still it just hangs on that screen…please help.

  2. Daryl says:

    Hey Max I’ve been trying to install a custom rom on my verizon galaxy s 3 and have been unsuccessful. I used ez recovery and still not working…any ideas??

    • garrett taguchi says:

      i am having same issue. i believe i followed the video tutorial exact, but i always end up with the verizon message saying that an unauthorized os has been installed, turn phone off and take to nearest verizon wireless store. any help would be greatly appreciated.

      • Carlos says:

        you probably dont have your bootloader unlocked. thats why verizon pretty much still has authority over your phone and it keeps telling you that the custom operating system cannot be installed. look up on google how to unlock your bootloader, and if needed, root your phone as well. its a simple process.

        • garrett taguchi says:

          thanks for the response carlos. i used both of max’s methods (rom manager and ez recovery) and followed both tutorials exact. i flashed it with cwm, then booted into recovery, installed the roms and still no luck. i even tried it once wiping the cache partition, delvik cache, and still, nothing. as of now, my phone is just rooted with the stock rom per max’s rooting tutorial.

  1. October 6, 2012

    […] for all the replies. Now I'm having another issue. I'm following the directions found at How to Install Custom ROM on Verizon Galaxy S3! [KEXEC] | Galaxy S3 Root The problem is I've installed EZ Recovery for Galaxy S3 as he says its the easiest way to get […]

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