How to Turn your Rooted Verizon Galaxy S3 into World SIM Phone!

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For those of you who travel outside the U.S. often or you want to use your Verizon Galaxy S3 on AT&T or T-Mobile (For U.S. 3G/4G is not working only edge data!), here’s how to turn your rooted Verizon Galaxy S3 into a World SIM phone.

First, before we begin, you will need a rooted Verizon Galaxy S3 on stock ROM or a custom ROM that’s based on TouchWiz (such as HighOnAndroid ROM).

Step 1. Go ahead and install the apps APN Manager, Titanium Backup, Titanium Backup PRO, and Phone info app from Play Store.  APN Manager and Titanium Backup PRO apps are pay apps but totally worth it if you want to turn your Verizon GS3 into World phone.

For Titanium Backup app, you need to download both the free version and PRO key.

Step 2. Next open up Titanium Backup app, hit the “Backup/Restore” tab and choose “APN Manager Pro”.

Step 3. Swipe to the right.

Step 4. Choose “convert to system app”.

Step 5. Next, open up APN Manager Pro app and choose “Insert APN”.

Step 6. Insert the APN settings for the country’s carrier you are traveling to.   Google “Carrier APN settings”, replace “Carrier” with the carrier name of the country.  For example, if you are going to use Prepaid SIM on UK’s Orange, google for “Orange APN settings”.  Then you will want to input that APN info.

For T-Mobile:

Name: T-Mobile
MMS protocol: WAP 2.0
MCC: 310
MNC: 260

For AT&T, see here.

To get just data working, you just need to input APN, MCC, and MNC.  The rest of the settings are for getting your MMS working.

Step 7. Once you are done inputting all the APNs for the different countries you are traveling to, you are ready.  Once you arrive at your destination, swap out the Verizon SIM card for the country’s SIM card. I am guessing you are going to be using a Prepaid SIM there.

Step 8. After replacing the SIM, reboot your phone and Open the Phone Info app and choose “Device info”.  Change “LTE/CDMA/EvDo” to “Global”.

After about a minute, you should see bars, meaning you now get voice working in the new country, congratulations, now you can make phone calls!

Step 9. Next, to get your data working, open up the APN Manager Pro app, choose APN list, and choose the carrier of the country you set earlier.  This also might happen automatically.  If you inputted your APN right, you should be seeing Edge, 3G, or H+/4G sign on top right corner of your phone.

For most of the European/Asian countries, 3G/HSPA+ is supported so they should work.  Unfortunately, only Edge will work on T-Mobile or AT&T in the U.S. as Verizon has locked out that feature.

Step 10. When you get back to the U.S., simply swap out your SIM card for the Verizon one, reboot.  Open the Phone Info app and choose “Device info”.  Change  “Global” to “LTE/CDMA/EvDo”.

Step 11. You should see 4G LTE working automatically but if you don’t for some reason, you can open up APN Manager Pro and choose “LTE -Verizon Internet” Manually.

Yippey!  Now go enjoy your new Verizon Galaxy World Phone!

Credits – XDA

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49 Responses

  1. shiv says:

    Will this work on Sprint GALAXY S3?

  2. werner says:

    can we do that with the Sprint vertion thnxs

  3. Eric says:







  4. Starwalker says:

    Will this work on the US Cellular S3? Since it does have a SIM slot in the future

  5. Bill says:

    Are you saying it will not work with CM10 M2?

    • Max says:

      It will work on CM10 also yes.

      • Chris says:

        Hello Max, great information. Could you explain where CM10 users would need to do to swap networks? In CM10 there isn’t a Phone Info selection, it’s located under ‘Mobile Networks’ and then you select ‘Network Mode’ but there are only two choices (LTE/CDMA/EvDo and CDMA/EvDo auto). Nothing for GSM networks.

        Any help would be appreciated.

      • bill says:

        Hi Max,
        Rooted S3 Verizon unlocked cm10 stable. I have followed the instruction exactly in Roatan using Tigo SIM card and now am in Taiwan using chunghaw SIM and in both cases I do not have option of “global” and do not have the apn menu under settings. I get an error saying stopped. As soon as I turn the radio on I get that error. Any ideas why this won’t work? Thanks

  6. Justin says:

    will this work on att since they have a sim card?

  7. Robert says:

    Will this work for the Metro PCS Samsung Galaxy S3

  8. kareem says:

    PLEASE HELP !!!!!!
    i live in south africa and my friend gave me his phone to use it , its Galaxy s3 SCH-I535 , when the phone boots it will stuck on : Activating and nothing changes . and if i take out the SIM it will stay on : Emergency call only :/ please advice me what to do
    thanks alot ( sorry for my bad English )

  9. Hugh says:

    Hey can anyone here tell me if I went wrong somewhere during this process because after following all instructions. The galaxy s3 from Verizon still shows no edge with a T-Mobile sim in it.

  10. Guillermo says:

    Will this work for the MetroPCS Samsung Galaxy S3 sch-r530m?

  11. danny says:

    Can’t find phone info app please help

  12. i o says:

    Please help @max

  13. dan L. says:

    Max this is a 2 part question. Can I can I install CM 10 stable after I’ve completed all these steps or would not work because it’s not a stock TouchWiz ROM. Second could you help me or tell me where I could get a cm 10 TouchWiz ROM for the world phone

  14. Amit says:

    After completing step 4, I don’t see APN Manager Pro in my phone. rather, I got a mail from google, stating your purchse has been cancelled and you will get the refund. Please advise what should be next step.

  15. Amit says:

    Hi Max – I followed all the steps and finally got everything done, even i can see network bars but when i tried calling it throws the message network not available. I am surprised to see full network bars but unable to make calls. I am using Vodafone in Bangalore and my phone is Verizon GS3 I 535. Please advise.

    • zak says:

      Amit i just wanna ask u.. now its work or not ?
      bcoz i planed for verizon GS3 to use in india at ahemdabad..
      it cause a prob or which type of problem ?..

      plz bro rply fast !!

      have a good day 🙂

      • Amit says:

        my friend.. i am still experimenting with my phone. it’s just that i am getting enough time to explore market for making my s3 work in bangalore. as of now, the progress is i can signal for my vodafone connection but unable to make calls. it would be great if u give me time till Jan 10, 2013. i will respond to you with confirmed answer whether s3 will work here or not per steps stated above. thanks. in the mean time, if u get anyone who knows what can be done to make it work pls do share..thanks.

        • zak says:

          bro i just searching for in local mobile market.. i got that the phone is definitely work here .. so they told me approx 1000-2000 cost and it work like fully gsm phone .. so now m confused what m doing …

          & bro if any update msg me …

          thankx bro by 🙂

          • Max says:

            yes works on any non u.s. gsm network with 3g and hspa data.

            • zak says:

              hey max !!
              only one help bro . if i unlock my device .
              & after unlock i update my rom & all that types of things.

              that will be effect on sim unlock ?
              i need to do this all step again ?

              thnkx bro !!

              • Amit says:

                I tried everything in Bangalore and its not working. Not sure what else I can do…pls do not take risk….else let me know if u know any sure solutions to it. I can see bars on my phone after I insert new sim but unable to make calls. It says “mobile network not available”. I have followed all the steps stated by Mr. max to make it a global phone, purchased applications from google as well but nothing worked out. I also tried using other options in phone info application instead of just relying on global option nothing worked out. Save your money else let me know if u can guide me anything I missed out in trying my luck with this phone.

            • Amit says:

              If u can share u email address I will share the video of what message I get from my phone and also send you the settings screen in my phone. If u can sort out the issue I am facing..

  16. leroy says:

    Followed all urban steps but I can’t call out

  17. Anthony says:

    Is the phone info app not in the playstore anymore or did it change?

  18. Cecil says:

    I have a galaxy s3 sch-I535. I did exactly everything you’ve told me . I have my phone rooted also. Whenever I go to phone info and change it to Global or lte/gsm/wcdma, my service bar never comes up. It still have the no service sign up . I really don’t know what the deal is. Help please? Android version is 4.1.1/ Build number is JRO03L.I535VRBLK3.

  19. Christina says:

    I’ve been using your high on android rom 0.3 for awhile and just noticed the update from verizon. Can I simply update over the air or do I need to revert to stock rom before updating? Do I need to backup anything? My phone has been giving me problems connecting to my car’s Bluetooth for media play. The phone portion connects just fine but the media doesn’t want to connect. I’m hoping updating the time will magically make that problem go away….although I doubt it since I’m running the high on android rom ?

  20. Luis Jaramillo says:

    I have a model SCH-530M s3 in CDMA, GSM want to convert that potential exists to purchase this model did people MetroPCS

  21. Stephann says:

    I have the Metro PCS Galaxy s3 , i did exactly as shown but still no bars , could i get some help please ? my email is thanks

  22. WONDE WAG says:

    hi, i just need to know if zis meyhod works s3 sch-i535 verizon rooted just now, and if the steps are z same for ethiopia telecom apn , finally since i couldnt get any credit card z two apps ( apn manager and titanium backup) would u tell me how to do it without those apps , thanks inadvance!

    • Tony R. says:

      It doesn’t seem like Google offer gift cards in the birr currency, but if you can access the Google Store in US$, € or £ then you should be able to find a place online that sells them via Bitcoin, PayPal or some means of payment you have access to.

  23. Tony R. says:

    Thank you *so* much for this guide. Since I am in the US the majority of the year, I went with Verizon a while back. However I’ve been traveling more and more in recent years and have resorted to using pre-paid SIM cards with a quad-band Blackberry that a friend gave me, as his company switched to “Bring Your Own Device” operation in 2011.

    For Gamescom in Germany this year I was able to rent a Vodafone SIM (had to break out a x-acto knife as they only had full-size cards at the airport, but it worked great with ~35Mbits HSPSA+ speeds downstream). I am normally in the US or Japan, so I took the time to visit friends and their families in the UK, then we decided that we’d take a ferry to Amsterdam to meet up with two more people and I believe the Germans arrived by train. I didn’t really notice until we were in Amsterdam that I had left my Germany SIM card in as well as the fact that I had been using it in the three countries listed above without issue (and without drying up the €25 I have paid for it; I think that had to do with the wealth of wireless hotspots).

    I’m excited to try it out in Japan as they actually have a pretty robust CDMA network strangely enough. I know NTT DoCoMo (whom I normally rent a phone/service from) operates on several frequencies, including W-CDMA 2100 MHz, which normally provides a fast 3G service. Japan still has some laws that can make it hard for a non-citizen/non-registered-alien to get a prepaid card and it’s impossible to buy a new phone on contract but thankfully there are a couple of legal services out there that can either send the SIM card to your house before your trip or pick it up at one of the larger airports.

  24. Kyle says:

    will this work for the Metro PCS Samsung galaxy S3 SCH-R530M?

  25. Hal says:

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