Jelly Beans ROM for Verizon Galaxy S3!

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For this week, check out Jelly Beans ROM for Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535.

UPDATE: See latest version HERE INSTEAD!!!

Based off latest VRBLJ1 Jelly Bean leak, this ROM comes with slight themed UI, GMail 4.2, 4×5 launcher, pop-up browser, and some more.

If you want to experience Jelly Bean early plus some cool mods, try out Jelly Beans ROM for your Verizon Galaxy S3 and let me know what you think. Also, my other favorite right now is JellyWiz ROM.


Download Jelly Beans ROM

Credits – XDA

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10 Responses

  1. Damian says:

    Hey Max I’m pretty new to rooting and the ROM installs but do we need the GApps file that is normally needed for all other ROMs to restore our google store?

  2. Lasha says:

    Hey guys please help me to set up TMobile APN for the network. I go to APN setting manager and only menu option is to reset to default, no option to create a new one, any possible simple workaround?

  3. erca says:

    how to update Official jelly bean on I535?

  4. i535 says:

    is camera work well on it? is there have SD card can’t work problem?thax..

  5. i535 says:

    I love this ROM,but is camera work well on it?is there still have SD card problem?thax

  6. Lasha says:

    hey guys please anyone help setting up apn

  7. jesse says:

    how do i download this can you make a step by step video becuase im a noob to this stuff

  8. Mark K says:

    Anybody have any idea how I might add new APN settings? Like the Verizon stock ROM it appears that the ability to add APN’s is not present, so I can’t use it overseas on a 3rd party GSM network.


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