SuperChargedWiz ROM for Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535! [2.1Ghz OC]

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For this week’s ROM of the week for the Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535, check out SuperChargedWiz ROM. While we are still waiting on Multi-window features, you can try this ROM which comes with cool features like overclocking support up to 2.1Ghz (Got around 6500 on Quadrant!), Note 2 pop-up browser, Android 4.2 Camera/Gallery, and some more.

The ROM comes with Ac!d MOD, Awesome Beats, and Dolby Mobile for the most awesomeness in sound and for headphone maniacs.

As for overclocking, the SuperChargedWiz ROM ships with KTweaker app, make sure you enable OC Steps then overclock to 2.106Ghz. My recommendation is to set it around 1.728Ghz for daily driver as that should give you noticeable speed improvements without too much battery loss. However, if your phone is connected to a charger and you are playing HD games, do go ahead and set it to the maximum 2.106Ghz and enjoy a beastly phone.

Try this ROM for this week and give me your thoughts on what you think! Thx!


Download SuperChargedWiz ROM

Credits – XDA

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26 Responses

  1. Jan-Michael says:

    I flashed this ROM over Taste of Beans last night. I had to clear the cache and Dalvik cache to get it running smoothly. It’s really nice, and I’m going to continue to evaluate, but there’s one major drawback. The Android Keyboard doesn’t work. That’s important because it’s the fastest, most accurate keyboard available. I’ve loaded SwiftKey 3 for the time being, which I think is the best alternative. Samsung and Swype are too slow in my opinion. With that said, the man working on the ROM is aware of the Android Keyboard problem and I’m awaiting his build 4 after the holidays have passed. Some other notable differences that I like about this ROM are the ability to make Google Sphere photos and the updated galleries that are beautifully laid out with animations that are super smooth.

  2. Reza says:

    I installed this rom yesterday. It’s a good rom but there are two things that bug me about it: first is that it its not really customizable like other roms and second is that whenever I plug in my headphone to my phone and play songs, I hear scratches in song, which is really annoying. I didn’t have this problem when I was using taste of beans rom. I might even go back to my precious rom cuz of the sound problem.

  3. Eric says:

    I had to jump back to taste of beans because my sdcard would not load correctly with this rom.

    I like the rom and may replace my sandisk 64gb card with another in attempts to resolve the issue.

    super-fast / super-smooth & powerful rom

    I eagerly await other posts on this rom

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

    • drakfire says:

      my sd card which is a sandisk 64gb gets ejected as well tried the xda forum but they wont let me post to the thread that the rom is on so if you can let the developer know itd be appreciated

      • Eric says:

        Away on holiday.

        As soon as I return I will ! post query on Xda; If no one beats me to it.

        What is the most dependable sdcard?

        Merry Christmas, Everyone!

  4. George says:

    How do u set up wireless tether

  5. Mark K says:

    After install I get this message:
    Sorry, this SIM card is not supported. Please contact your wireless


    I boot the set up without the SIM and it loads up, then I put the sim

    in and all is well.

    However I have a problem –>

    I currently have a UK SIM card. I am trying to find a ROM that allows me to enter APN settings because

    adding VPN is blocked there is no feature and without being able to

    add on I can’t use the data, only make calls.

    I tried Hi-APN but it just crashes.

    Anybody have any ideas?



    • Eric says:


      I may have misunderstood your needs; However, I try following this link:

      Best of luck!

    • Charlie says:

      Why would you have a US Verizon model phone and a UK SIM card?
      This ROM is for i535 variants only, the US Verizon version.
      Sounds more like a question for XDA question. Either that, or I’m not understanding the problem correctly.
      Best of luck to you.

      • Mark K says:

        Hi charlie

        I live in the USA, which is why I have the verizon phone, however I am in the UK for some time so I wanted to use the phone on a local carrier ( 15 pounds a month for unlimited internet… lots of minutes and texts..great!

        The big issue is that verizon have removed the ability to add APN’s to the phone. I have my unlocked Moto Droid 3 working fine as it allows me to manually add the APN info. Without the ability to add this info I can only make calls/SMS, the data plan won’t work

        I was hoping that one of the custom roms would have added/unlocked this feature. Any hack to add it has been unsuccessful, it looks like Hi APN does not work on Jelly Bean.

        There were multiple problems until Jelly Bean the verizon variation was not even GSM compatible!

        • Mike says:

          You can change APN settings by using titanium back up. Download APN Manager Pro and make it a system app using titanium back. You can then change APN settings.
          Step 1. Go ahead and install the apps APN Manager, Titanium Backup, Titanium Backup PRO, and Phone info app from Play Store. APN Manager and Titanium Backup PRO apps are pay apps but totally worth it if you want to turn your Verizon GS3 into World phone. For Titanium Backup app, you need to download both the free version and PRO key.
          Step 2. Next open up Titanium Backup app, hit the “Backup/Restore” tab and choose “APN Manager pro”.
          Step 3. Swipe to the right.
          Step 4. Choose “convert to system app”.
          Step 5. Next, open up APN Manager Pro app and choose “Insert APN”.
          Step 6. Insert the APN settings for the country’s carrier you are traveling to. Google “Carrier APN settings”, replace “Carrier” with the carrier name of the country. For example, if you are going to use Prepaid SIM on UK’s Orange, google for “Orange APN settings”. Then you will want to input that APN info

  6. Jan-Michael says:

    Android Keyboard
    I got the keyboard to work. I just needed to un-install the keyboard and re-install it using the apk from the internet.

    I seem to have lost the ability to change the wallpaper on the lockscreen with this ROM

    The Samsung ShareShot feature on their phone no longer works. I don’t normally use this, but I wanted to use it for Christmas since three of us have an S3, but it just kept crashing and saying “Unfortunately, the camera has stopped.”

    Installing/Uninstalling Apps
    Whenever you install or uninstall something, you get a message “Unfortunately, Themes Provider has stopped.”

    Bottom line
    I will continue to evaluate the ROM because it’s still very usable. But, I’ll probably just switch back to Taste of Beans since I was very happy with that and I didn’t run into any of these problems.

  7. CLee says:

    how do install this i just got through rooting my sch i535 and im still new to this and would really be thankful for the help

    • TJones says:

      Download the ROM, transfer it to your SD Card. Reboot in clockworkMod Recovery, Do a data wipe & cache wipe, then you want to go ahead and install from external SD, Go down to the zipped folder, *click the power button to basically say “okay” and let it do it’s thing*. Once it’s down, do a reboot and you’re good to go…

  8. scott says:

    I installed this rom and lost all verizon apps including my visual voicemail. Can someone please tell me how to get that back.

  9. Jason says:

    I just installed this rom over tasted beans 3 and for some reason Google now is not working is anybody else having this problem

  10. Mr Martin says:

    i have a verizion model gs3 i dig this rom only issue that i have with this rom is that when im in call i can hear myself when im on the phone bluetooth speaker or just regular talk if this was fixed this would be the perfect rom if there is a way to fix this please let me know thanks

  11. scott says:

    I’m having the same problem with my bluetooth on my gs3

  12. bo brown says:

    I have oden and downloaded everything I need to install superchargedwiz but I do not know the actual steps of what to do to actually install it. Help

  13. Asterios says:

    Is there a way to get ktweaker on taste of bean? I’m currently using that rom and love it, but I’d also love to oc the thing to 2.1!

  14. Mike says:

    Seemed to have some issues with this ROM. I have been on AOKP milestone 1 for a while and decided to try this out. But I have came to the conclusion that I dont like touch wiz and much prefer the feel of pure google OS. THe overclocking feature is nice. But other than that, this ROM was not for me.

  15. Ed Butler says:

    Okay its a nice rom I have backed it up on my system if I ever want to go back but it seems to have a few issues
    for some reason the stock gallery shows my pics but the cool rom gallery only shows a blank place for the pics
    also seems to put up an error of theme has stopped working alot.

  16. MikeR says:

    I Just flashed KT747 kernal with AOKP milestone 1 and voila! Ktweaker and the ability to oc to 2.1ghz. The best of both worlds. So far that combo is my favorite. much smoother and less buggy than this rom too

  17. ElvisS says:

    This rom works quite well except for the camera. The camera crashes every once in awhile. When i take a picture sometimes the picture will not save. I figured out that i have to constantly go to settings on the camera and switch the pictures to save to my SD card for my pictures to actually save and show up in my gallery. Overall it runs nice and smooth except for the whole gallery and camera issue.

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