Synergy ROM for rooted Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535!

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If you are looking for a good, stable ROM to start your Verizon Galaxy S3 on the right path to custom ROMs, I highly recommend the Synergy ROM for rooted Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535.

This Synergy ROM is very similar to stock but with lots of enhancements so you can slowly move your way into custom ROMs. Some of notable features include blocking Samsung’s root chekcing service, EXT4 performance tweaks, custom notification bar toggles, 4-in-1 reboot menu, Sony Bravia Engine for better photos/videos, hacker native WiFi Tether app, Verizon OTAs blocked, and should give you much better battery life over stock.

Give this ROM a try and let me know what you think!


Download Synergy ROM

Credits – XDA

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32 Responses

  1. H.G. Dragonwells says:

    v1.1 came out today to fix some bugs.

  2. Xavier says:

    Sorry, I am a complete noob to rooting. I was planning on following the “How to root Verizon Galaxy S3” guide. But would like to give this rom a try. Would I just substitute the “Stock Rom with Root” in the guide with this synergy rom?


  3. Ziomar says:

    Hey Max,

    I’m a beginner with root and putting custom ROMs on to the phone. I just rooted my s3 I535 and want to try Synergy ROM. Can you give me a step by step on how to put this ROM? Everything you did on the how to root I535 video I exactly did that. It would be a great help and much appreciated. I’m just scared of messing up my phone.


    • Max says:

      Very easy, you can use ROM Manager off Play Store, download that and flash the CWM for Galaxy S3 Verizon. Then use that app to make a backup of your ROM FIRST, then use it to install the ROM. ROM Manager is now compatible with all Galaxy S3s. Once rooted you can use ROM Manager to do pretty much everything.

      • Ziomar says:

        Alright so I did back up for my ROM it was there on the clockwork mod folder with the file stamp of today’s date. After that I went to install ROM in ROM manager. Installed synergy zip folder from SD card. Everything is working fine! It was easy. Really awesome I’m getting 27 mbps on speed test. This is an essential ROM to block Verizon OTA and stop samsung root checking service. Thank you for your videos and posts!

  4. Ziomar says:

    Hey Max,

    Synergy ROM v1.3 was released, but it requires a full wipe. I watch a youtube video a person using dark side super wipe on his S2 t-mobile. Would you recommend I use dark side to full wipe or do you know anything I should use to full wipe then install the updated Synergy Rom?

    Thank you

  5. Ziomar says:

    Currently using synergy v1.3 everything works well, although I get a little lag switching on the home screen. Not a fan wallpaper scrolling don’t know if you can change that option. Like the ICS blue on toggle bar. I ran a quadrant test boosted my numbers by 300. Speed test I’m getting an average 42 mbps before I was getting 27 mpbs. Everything else works great! Apps work fine except trying to watch movies on flixter.

    • Xavier says:

      Hi Ziomar,
      How did you go about doing the full swipe?


      • Ziomar says:

        Hi Xavier,

        First I did a back up on titanium back up. Went to ROM manager to boot phone. Did a factory reset and cleared cache. After that I just installed from zip folder.


  6. Ilya says:

    Should I flash this rom or the bean stock rom? whats the difference and which one is better?

    • Ziomar says:

      Hey Llya,

      I’m currently running Bean Stock with animations. Both seem to work fine no real issues. What I liked about synergy v1.3 was the tweaking I was getting 40 mpbs on download. Faster CPU. But I didn’t like the UI so much, the auto wallpaper scroll, but you can add up to 9 windows that’s cool. On Bean Stock not getting the power I was getting from synergy. Not sure if this is only my phone or the apps have some bugs. I can’t play my flixter flicks anymore and my Nike+run app doesn’t play music anymore while I jog, since I’ve been using a custom ROM. When it comes to custom ROMs individual preferences play a role. Try both. Back up current ROM! on ROM manager and use Titanium Back up when you need to wipe phone saves everything! even text messages.


      • Ilya says:

        Another couple questions: I have lots of experience flashing but barely any on the Galaxy S3. When backing everything up on TB, does it save the TouchWiz Interface (i.e. placement of apps, lock screen settings, etc, etc??) And have you experience any force closures on any apps? Also, I’m more of a settings and personalization guy, so power and Mbps doesn’t really matter to me, I prefer as many customizable options as possible, and with that in mind which ROM would be better between the Bean Stock or Synergy?

        • Ziomar says:

          Yeah TB saves the placement of apps on the window pages lock screen settings. When you restore just click restore apps and data not system data. Watch the tutorial they have the market. When you download the app the video is the first pic. I have experienced apps not responding and had to close them. My ESPN, Nike+Run when I try to play music while running. Also, on Gmail does not update me when I received new mail have to manually refresh. Having issues with Wifi Tether I have to check off and on MMS clamping for the app to restart for my PC to get the signal. I see no real customizable options on either ROM I like the look on Bean Stock. Still Waiting for Pure Jelly Bean stock. TB also lets you uninstall apps that come with the phone that you can’t install with an unrooted phone.

          Does your phone stock ROM or custom ROM when you turn the screen off does it light back up and doesn’t turn the screen off? I’ve had that issue numerous times I have to restart the phone so it wouldn’t do that.

          • Ilya says:

            No i havent had on stock rom.. I am experiencing issues when i try to flash a rom. I flash clockworkmod recovery, but when i go to flash, the file is no where to be found. At first, it was showing the directory of the internal memory, then i mounted, and btw i dont understand any of the lingo on CWM Recovery because ive never had to mount things before, and i mounted the external sd card, because thats where i placed the rom, but it wont show it. So, i put it onto the internal memory, and now i cant seem to bring up the internal memory files. I tried formatting the sd card(aka internal memory, different from external sd card) but it wont show anything, i mounted and nothing shows when i try to flash a zip file. So, after all that, i reboot, and it freezes on startup, so then i plug into Odin, and re-root to original. Ive done that twice, still cant find the rom file.

    • Max says:

      I like beans stock rom a bit more it seems to be better on battery

  7. Alex says:

    Do we have to do a full wipe for 1.4?
    I just applied it over, without a wipe and it seems like it’s working…

  8. Perry says:

    Hey Max,

    I’m on the newest version 1.7. How do I back up my apps and data and restore once a new version comes out? I thought I read issues with titanium backup with this rom. Also, how do you backup SMS phone calls etc?



  9. Zak says:

    Hi. Is it possible to unblock, or do anything at all to a blocked Samsung S3 (other than bin it)?

  10. Teo says:

    hey max..

    I flashed the Unofficial CM10 rom on my verizon galaxy s3, but now I want to try Synergy rom. Can I just flash the Synergy rom on top of CM10 or do i have to get back to a stock rom then flash Synergy rom?

  11. Krishna says:

    Hi Max –Mine is Samsung S3 with AT&T (SGH-I747).after installing synery r484 my device model is showing as SPH-L710 .I’m not sure why ?
    By the way my phone is working fine ..

    What model/version ROM should I download if I want someother ROM after sometime ?

    Thanks a bunch !!

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