Taste of Beans Jelly Bean ROM for Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535!

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out Taste of Beans Jelly Bean ROM for your Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535.

Based on the latest VRBLJ1 Jelly Bean, this ROM comes with Note 2 pop-up browser, Android 4.2 GMail/keyboard/Market/Search, Sony Bravia engine, 4×5 TouchWiz launcher, 15 toggles, Awesome Beats, and some more.

Looks like a very solid ROM, check it out and let me know what you think of this ROM!


Download Taste of Bean Jelly Bean ROM

Download 4×6 TouchWiz Launcer

Download Note 2 Camera/Gallery

Credits – XDA

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28 Responses

  1. ilya says:

    Google plus and gmail will not work. Gmail won’t even open and Google plus says it can’t connect to the server

  2. joe says:

    backup assistant doesnt work always force closes from steup wizard and settings

  3. kashif says:

    don’t have any service? how can i fix that?

  4. gsrswapped says:

    Flashed this rom and used it as a daily for the past 2 days and everything is almost flawless. I couldn’t find one thing that didn’t work correctly. I did notice a couple random lag issues in the app drawer but it only happens every once in awhile. I had the service issue mentioned by others and just did a full wipe and reinstalled it and everything works great. Awesome stable rom if you’re looking to go JB with a stock touchwiz feel. Props to the developer

  5. julian says:

    note 2 camera and gallery don’t seem to work. gallery will not display pictures and i can not access the gallery through the camera. please help.

    • Eric says:

      My Learning Curve is: S-L-O-W

      After a proper backup

      A Full System Wipe / Restore

      Everything Appears to be working properly

      The Newbie Jitters Got Me, Again… For Some Reason I am slow to do the full wipe (i’s Scared!)

      Thanks To All Involved! (Max & Associates!)

    • brian says:

      I am unable to open the gallery either. The app opens but I am unable to view the photos. I installed this rom onto a brand new out of the box s3, so I really didnt think to do a wipe. Did this resolve your problem?

      • garrett taguchi says:

        I had this problem as well. If u look up above there is a link to the xda site right next to “credits”. Click that and follow their instructions exact. U must don’t he delvik and partition wipe. Once I did that i was able to see all photos. Still don’t have gmail 4.2 though and I still have not figured out how to use the pop up browser

  6. garrett taguchi says:

    no matter what i try, i still get the yellow triangle and the message that an unauthorized os has been found on my phone, please take to verizon store for more help. i have have used odin to fix this at least 8 times now. i followed max’s video exact using ez recovery. what am i doing wrong?

    • Anthony says:

      Have you figured out the issue? Cuz no matter what I try I get the same message, very frustrating.

      • garrett taguchi says:

        Yes! Down load ez unlock. Open the app and click unlock. Then install the ROM as instructed, but I would follow the instructions on the xda forum. If u click the link above where it says credit :xda , they instruct that you do the delvik wipe and partition wipe. I have not had any issues since.

  7. garrett taguchi says:

    Great ROM. Gmail is not 4.2 , at least not for me. I still have not figured out how to use pop up browser.

  8. Jan-Michael says:

    I used this ROM heavily all weekend and it’s awesome. I haven’t lost any functionality and I’m enjoying Google Now and the effects from Project Butter. I just rooted the phone, so this is my first custom ROM. I’m very pleased with the results. I recommend this ROM to anyone.

  9. eric says:

    Looks like all of the hand motions were set to off status.

    (Disabling improved battery performance!)

    Hopefully, I will become quicker to problem solve in the future


  10. Juan says:

    Has anyone had more problems with the camera working with this rom? I have reinstalled the camera and reinstalled the rom twice and the camera works for a bit and then fails. I have done a full wipe, cleared everything and still does not work correctly. Any fixes? Like the rom but no camera?

  11. Sean says:

    I had this installed but wanted to try CM10…… man what a waste…. CM10 is having kernel panic left and right, random reboots during youtube videos, home button will refuse to work, status bar menu won’t come down, data will refuse to work. I’d say the glory days of CM are over unless they can get like they were on the vivo incredible 2 with CM7. that was a beeeeeast of a rom, battery life for 2 days or more on STOCK battery.
    enough rabbit trails. if you like some of the more advanced features in the stock rom for d2vzw without alot of bloat and slowness, along with some improved battery life using options to get the phone to use energy more conservatively, THIS IS FOR YOU. I’m spoiled on the mute function by turning it over.

    Haven’t had a problem yet and will be flashing back and staying there for a good long time.


  12. garrett taguchi says:

    Anyone figure out how to use the pop up browser?

  13. Mike says:

    I am not new to this…. but is anyone else having problems with the Gallery? It is not pulling down all Google Albums. I did a wipe/cache partition wipe, dalvik wipe, re-install of rom.. and nada….any ideas?

  14. Rez says:

    The battery life on this rom is amazing. I simply charge my phone every day. Before this is rom I had CM10 and man the battery life sacked on it (it was a fast and fluid rom though).

  15. Mark K says:

    Anybody have any idea why I am getting this message which stops the O/S from fully loading up

    Sorry, this SIM card is not supported. Please contact your wireless provider

    I currently have a UK Three.co.uk SIM card. Other roms do work however I am trying to find a ROM that allows me to enter APN settings because adding VPN is blocked there is no feature and without being able to add on I can’t use the data, only make calls.



    • Mark K says:

      I actually found a way around my issues above by taking out the sim to complete the install then putting it back in afterwards.

      The problem still exists that I still need the ability to add my own APN so I can use a UK based SIM (in the UK) on my USA verizon samsung, It looks like this ROM does not add the ability and third party APN managers like Hi APN don’t work on Jelly Bean…HELP!!

  16. Asterios says:

    Is there any way to oc this kernel to 2.1? I want to keep taste of bean because it’s very stable for me, but I would also like to oc the heck out of this thing.

  17. Asterios says:

    Is there a way to install just the kernel from this ROM? I have taste of bean with the KT747 kernel, but I want to revert back to the kernel it came with. KT747 is eating too much battery, no matter what I do.

  18. Mike W says:

    Love this rom so far – very quick and cool features.

    One issue however – every time the phone reboots I lose my exchange settings. I go into my email app and it is asking me to create an account every time. Very odd… Anyone else tried using this rom with MS exchange in any way?

  19. Tim F says:

    I put this ROM on my wife’s phone before I gave it to her and she loves it. All other ROMS are measured by it and fall short in her estimation. The only problem is I cannot find any updates to it and it seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. I have heard that it has been renamed, does anyone know that it is being called now?

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